What Helps to Keep Cholesterol Down?

Jumping back on Test C and will be talking to my doctor a out raising my blood pressure meds before I start.

Last time the only issue I had health wise was my cholesterol was slightly higher than normal. Is there anything I can eat or take vitamins wise to help keep that under control?

I don’t know enough about it and my memory is foggy so this is incredibly vague…

Apparently psyllium husk can trap cholesterol in the bile or something and then you excrete it causing your body to produce more bile with less cholesterol. Maybe look into that. I don’t how effective it is but I’ve read about it a couple of times - there may have even been an article here about it.

Maybe someone else will come in and give some more accuracy/a better explanation.

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Google would be your friend here. There are tons of things you can take/do. For starters eat more leafy greens. Red Yeast Rice in a pill is similar to statins and can make a difference. Niacin is another vitamin shown to improve HDL etc. Point being, you will get better info spending some time reading on a search engine.

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Low dose statins are extremely effective


Yes, info about that in the last tab of this article:


start with un-brainwashing yourself that cholesterol is a problem. some even argue that a higher cholesterol is good for you. i’ve been trying to keep my total above 200 at all times but it is hard. not sure what else I can do to raise it? already eating a pure meat diet for the most


Ezetimibe daily and a low dose statin like Rosuvastation 2-3 days per week. But I don’t know what your actual lipid panel looks like. This is what I take

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Do you know what your apoB and lipo-A are, out of curiosity? I’ve recently started “getting into” cholesterol, from both sides of the argument. I don’t have a lot of data myself to use, will be checking apo-B in a few weeks


no, but good idea to check. my triglycerides are within range, and my understanding is that this is one of the few things to look out for. I’m 44 and had high levels all my life. typically 300+ total. had a CAC heart x-ray done with a level of 0 which is another thing to check


I have mine both before and after statins. Very improved after statins.



Same here. Score of Zero. I had an echo and stress test as well. All normal despite my horrible cholesterol and past PED use.

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Yeah, i have an appointment in two weeks and luckly my doctor is with the times. I am definitely getting my HBPs pushed up a bit. Will take everything into consideration and talk with her about everything discussed here.

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Yep, I have mine appointment coming up on the 14th to get this done. I’m 43, not expecting to find much, but heart decease runs in my family. Trying to be proactive about it now.

My lipo-A is 36. That’s after 3 weeks of Ezetimibe daily & 5mg Rosuvastatin once per week. I’ve upped the statin to 3x per week and will check again soon. I’ve heard that A is mostly genetic and shouldn’t move much. LipoB should be as low as possible. According to Attia

My main question when concerning risk of using Oxandrolone, is the impact on lipids for 6-8 weeks really harmful long term? We’re talking about decades of cholesterol build up causing problems.

I was the exact same.

Had a stress test, echo, and CAC done.

EF of 73, everything looked perfect and CAC score of zero. Had a checkup last week and another CAC. It was zero again 4 years later.

My cholesterol has always been decent - maybe slightly elevated on a blast. (I don’t blast anymore and haven’t for 4 years).

My granddad on my mom’s side is 82 and was cathed this year. His worst blockage was 15%…

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Very interesting as I always thought statins didn’t do anything to reduce LP(a).

i stumbled upon this yesterday. really good.
sometime in the middle explains why statins are useless as well

The Subcellular Processes That Belie All Chronic Disease. The Hateful (or Grateful) Eight

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