Weaning off Supertest 450

Hey guys so I’ve worked up to taking 1ml of supertest 450 every 5 days and recently had a bad reaction after missing a dosage because my supply ran out and my supplier was outta town for a while. I had a panic attack and terrible insomnia. 10 days pass and I was able to get a hold of some more of the supertest 450 and took 1ml. My question is will I start to feel normal again after the last injection and also how should I start to wean off the supertest??? I appreciate the help

Probably yeah. 10 days of no injections of 450mg test with a longer ester, you didn’t feel bad cos the test of leaving your system. You still have plenty there for weeks after a last injection.

To come off I’d just stop injecting, you’ll slowly go down over 4-5 weeks