US should not attack Iraq

Ok NaiveOne, (sigh) first of all your post didn’t make a lot of sense and the argument you used for support was pretty weak. I don’t know if it could really qualify as a legitimate argument anyway. Your comparison between GW and the neighborhood bully, and the other comparison of Saddam as being the(the poor picked on) skinny little punk is just, well… idiotic. I get my information from a wealth of sources before I even allow myself to form an opinion about anything. Anytime I have based an opinion on mere emotion in the past I usually come off looking like a jackass. Kind of like you in your post. To counter what you said, yes there has been evidence that points to Saddams involvement with the Al-queda. Also, it isn’t a matter of Saddam just crapping on the UN sanctions and treaties all the time, he also takes aggressive military action against his own people and his neighboring countries. He is clearly a madman, his own family members will attest to that! He has weapons of mass destruction, he has used them on his own people! Hello? Are you on the same planet here? Here’s an analogy using children to simplify the matter, since that seems to be the type of analogies you like. If a child plays with matches, burns down his own house and burns up some of his family; shows no remorse and keeps playing with matches. Don’t you think someone should take the matches away?