TRT with 10ml Vials

Hi, I would like to know how to do TRT with 10 ml vials. It is said to use one vial for 28 days only for hygienic and contamination reasons. But after 28 days I would have only used 2ml or 500mg Test E total.
I would inject subq e2d 35mg.
Do I have to throw away the other 8ml and buy a 10ml vial every month? Or is there a method where I can refill the other 8ml into other containers? Either way, it would get in contact with the air. I cant really get 1ml vials either.

Do not throw it out. Do not worry about it at all. If you disinfect the top of the vial before you draw there is zero chance of an issue. Pick up whatever they will let you, it’s good for a very long time if you keep it out of the sun. This will let you have a good reserve on hand in case of supply problems.

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So I can basically pin in it with a 28 or 29G insulin needle 60 times? Just worried some plastic might get in or air.
And I always wondered why Ulabs only sell 10ml vials, for TRT purposes its not that good

If you are drawing with a 28 or 29g, you have no worried regarding plastic or rubber entering the syringe. It helps to push a little air into the 10mL with the syringe before the draw, and air is pretty easy to push out of the syringe anyway. Some guys intentionally have air in the needle to clear all of the test from the syringe when injecting, it’s not an issue with sub-q or IM.

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I’ve been using multi-dose 10mL vials for all on my nearly 9 years of TRT and have only encountered a contamination problem once. I noted soreness for a couple of weeks after the injection and after examination of the vial (about 2/3 used), I noticed visible cloudiness in the liquid. That was several years ago and I have yet to have a similar problem occur.

Bottom line is that you need to be careful and use sanitary practice when handling and storing the multi-dose vial. My standard practices include (in sequential order):

  1. Sanitizing my hands with 70% alcohol gel prior to touching any component of the injection (vial, syringe, etc.).

  2. Sanitizing a wide area around the injection site with another application of 70% alcohol gel.

  3. Sanitizing the top of the vial before and after each insertion of a needle into the vial.

  4. Sanitizing the exact injection site with an alcohol swab using a rubbing action to remove any loose skin cells that might be carried with the needle into the injection site.

  5. Sanitizing the top of the vial with an alcohol wipe once again before replacing it a small close-able storing container to keep out dust (usually the original box.

  6. Storing the vial/container in a dark drawer or cabinet.

Oh, and using the smallest needle possible in your TRT routine I think also helps. Smaller holes cause less damage to the rubber stopper. I personally draw and inject with a 30G 1/2 inch needle.

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Just sterilize the top of the vial before use and it’ll be fine. Not a big deal.

Thanks. Is it safe to store them without a cooling bag in summer when its 100F outside?

Another question is, can I just use the fat on my hips/around my belly to inject, without a specific place ? Do I have to wait a certain amount of days until an injection spot is fully absorbed? Im only injecting 0.15ml eod. Dont know about other injection spots, Im very vascular around my body and kinda scared to hit one

I used to get a 10ml vial from my pharmacy. At my dosage, it lasted 10 weeks. After I got little pieces of rubber in my syringe, I went back to 1ml vials. Poking that rubber too many times wasn’t good.

I was using an 18g needle to draw, as I always do, so I’m not sure if a 27g will still break apart the rubber.

How to we get to the bottom when we are down to the last weeks with a 1inch pin ?

Hold the vial upside down

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