TRT dose before vacation?

Going on vacation I usually do test cyp 100 mg. Every Monday and Thursday.

I’m going on vacation on Wednesday to Sunday in Colombia so I don’t want to deal with bringing it over there

Should I one double up 200 before I leave. Or do 100 mg Monday and 100 Wednesday morning?? Or just normal 100 and then skip dose until I get back

Monday Wednesday. It’s not like some meds that you need to worry about overdosing. So, a day early is totally safe. I do it all the time when I do over nights and long weekends.

Not that my suggest is a big difference, but if it were me, I would inject 80mg Monday and then 120mg Wednesday.

I went in for a vaccine once and the clinic was unaware that I was injecting testosterone at home now, and they gave me an extra weekly dose by mistake instead of the vaccine, and I never felt any different.

Just do your shot a day early. You could even skip the shot and you will prob notice no difference.