Trenbolone Acetate

Ok T-Nation…

Let me start by saying I have trained dedicated naturally for almost 4 years, kept detailed track of my lifting and dieting. Basically lifting is my life. I wrestle too so weight gain is ok as long as I am getting strong enough to compete at a higher weight class. Recently I tore my bicep in a freak accident and now I have decided to turn in my natty card.

Current Stats:
Height: 5 foot 10 and a half
Weight: 170lbs
Bodyfat: ~10
Deadlift: 405
Squat: 350ish (usually just rep 315)
Bench: 225ish (don’t really max)

Keep in mind I am still in highschool and still technically a teen. Please don’t blow me off as one of the other retarded irresponsible teens just trying to get big quick. I have done my research and discovered that a very effective steroids is Trenbolone Acetate. If I ran Tren Ace would I also need to run Test because the Tren would shut my Test down? Also what should I be taking for the PCT or to alleviate the aromatization?

If you are to run tren, you would be foolish not to run test, you are correct in that it is going to shut you off. Tren is quite potent and highly suppressive. Prolactin sucks.

There are two schools of thought: high test moderate tren (>500mg, <500mg) or low test high tren (<300mg, >500mg) respectively. I have no experience with the latter, I am wary of the side effects of tren and try to keep my doses of it somewhat low.

As far as aromatisation, standard AI works (aromasin/arimidex/letrozole). You must run this alongside your cycle, this is not recovery oriented, it is preventative. High estrogen is bad for men, regardless of the symptoms you do or do not notice, it is imperative that you keep it in check. Run it through your cycle and taper off while the drugs clear before beginning pct. If you have aromasin (not the others, for reasons I won’t get into), you may take some during pct in the event of elevated estrogen.

You should inject tren acetate ED or at least EOD to maintain stable blood levels. Whatever test you are taking, split your doses and combine them accordingly. Even longer ester test will provide more stable levels when injected more frequently.

Consider HCG, and use it during cycle as well, not during pct. This is will continue testicular function and prevent atrophy. Makes recover FAR more smooth IMO.

PCT Nolva/Clomid works well, nolvadex is preferable. There are others but I’m unfamiliar. Keep a few extra nolvas handy to eat during cycle in case gyno symptoms appear.

You are young, and this is generally considered unwise. I’m not going to lecture you, however If you take drugs now, you need to seriously consider the possibility of having to take drugs the rest of your life in the case of dampened endocrine system development. Although if you take the plunge you probably will do this anyway. No turning back

At 17 you know shit about what you want.

K, firstly youre a fucking retard for cycling @ 17 years old lol if your lifts are what you say then youve got years of amazing natty gains ahead of you but u are a retard so lets get down to business,

1st cycle stay the fuck away from tren lol, just do a test only cycle and run it for like 8-12 weeks depending on your dosage, add dbol as well. tren ace is a fkn powerful steroid, think of it this way, all sterons are average looking girls, and tren is the hottest most amazing girl out, as soon as u run tren u will never appreciate the other steroids as much. your 17 lol work your way up the ladder dude stop being delusional

if youre a high school student, 5 '10, 170. keep your natty card a bit longer bro.

please just think of your hormones. a shut down from a substance such as tren might be permanent at your age. dont give me any of the i dont care about babies crap, being dependant upon medication(TRT) is a disability in itself. dont even go on the test e cycle. just keep your hands away from hormones for a while, and if you are wise enough to listen to my advice i can promise you wont regret it later on in life.