Traffic accident

Right now I have a gallon of adrenaline flowing in my system and I do not think I will get much sleep this night so why not share
this with you? Anyway, I was working in the 2nd shift, so my friend and I decided to hop on our bikes and get a cup of coffee somewhere. He was driving in front of me. Suddenly, this bastard in a car changes lanes without signal light or checking his right
blind spot causing my friend to perform evasive maneouvre delta. Since this is not subspace and my friend is not Captain Janeway,
he fell from his bike and hit the ground, missing the traffic light pole by a few inches. I was driving just behind him and noticed that my friend jumped to his feet immediately, so I presumed that he was not hurt too badly. The fucker who caused the accident downshifted and put the pedal to the metal, running away! He was driving Lancia Kappa, rather big and powerful family sports saloon with Italian license plates - I live just 40 miles from Italian border so a lot of guys from Rijeka work there. Well, he was
driving zig-zag in a heavy traffic, doing 80-90 mph in the center of the city. I was
just behind him, driving at the limit of me and my puny Yamaha thumper. We came across some traffic and speed bumps that slowed him down, I came parallel to his car and hit the driver’s door with my right leg while
still driving the bike. The guy was confused and hit the brakes, I immediately went in front of him and turned my bike sideways so he
could not go on or he would have to hit me. We stopped and I jumped off the bike, still wearing the jacket, helmet, underhat and gloves, dragged the fucker out of the car by his head, took the car keys and slammed him against the nearby wall. I turned on all four blinking lights to prevent some car from hitting his car (it was 7.30 pm and dark),
pulled out my mobile phone and called the cops, told them I chased the fucker and made a “citizen’s arrest” and ER guys to go and help my buddy a few miles down the road. I also got my friend on the mobile and he told me he was not badly hurt. I had to hold myself from tearing the idiot’s head apart, or I would get in trouble. The moron not only caused the accident - it is hard to believe but shit happens - but he ran away leaving my friend on the ground, hurt or something worse.

The idiot was scared shitless and did not say a word. The cops came later and we drove back to the place of the accident where they took
our IDs and did the… I cannot remember the right word right now,when they measure tracks and draw a map of the accident and events
that lead to it. Then I drove to the hospital, my friend had a bad tear of his pinky that split apart the flesh and the bone was also broken,so they put a cast on his hand. He also has concussions and his leg is swollen but hopefully not broken. His bike is a total mess and cannot be repaired, total damage.
The cops took away the guy’s papers and ID and having foreign license plates, he, along
with my friend and me as a witness has to show up at the court at Monday, I will do my
best to bury him neck deep in shit in front of the judge. Later I also almost broke his neck
because he claimed he did not see he caused an accident so the cops had to break us apart. I am by no means the biggest guy around, just chubby 5 ft 11 @ 194 lbs, but this was one of the occasions where it was actually good to
have some meat on the bones. This asshole was not small either and if I was some skinny bastard, I would not have the arguments on my side. Anyway, I am still all wired and nervous about this. People can really behave like
morons and their ability to do a great job doing that always surprises me. The great thing about all this is that one minute before the accident I told my friend to drive in front of me, I was leading until then. Another
thing is that we both bought the bikes two weeks ago and this morning we took our first a bit longer ride, I even put up some pictures on . I had no idea that could have been our last ride together… :frowning:

Nice way you handled it Sasa. I am not sure I would have been in as much control of my emotions as you were of yours. Hang the bastard out to dry Monday!

Sasa, you really handled pursuit with alot of heroism, and handled the whole situation like a gentleman. I am sure you wanted to bust his head open like a melon, but you kept your composure - good job.

What Sasa did was the right thing to do, and not many people could restrain themselves from killing the guy driving the Lancia.Maybe this is just my age talking(22), but if I saw anything similar happening to someone I know, I would definitely crack the Lancia driver’s head first, and think about concequences of my action later. Anyway,Sasa,I hope I will reach your level of “coolness” in the near future.

Sasa, You are a true T-man.

Draz, until a couple of years ago I would do the same. The problem is that I would get fucked up because of that and I would get nothing out of it except venting off. However, if the guy just touched me, I think I would strangle him using his own bowels, trust me.
I would beat him senseless. He was just scared shitless because I stopped him in the dark wearing a dark balaklava and jacket and he thought I was a cop from the special forces! He immediately gave me his ID, driver’s license and other papers. Anyway, I had to drive my friend to the hospital today too because his knee and ankle are swollen badly and hurt like hell. They X-Rayed them and luckily, nothing is broken, but his knee will never be the same. I put up some more pictures of his bike and the place of the accident at . I will let you know what happens at Monday.

i probably would have settled for the license plate # on the back of the car, but your way works too…

I think the man deserves a T-mag leather jacket! Nice work Sasa. I hope there is one in the post going your way.

I HATE THIS! I have been riding my bike many times, made eye contact with a four wheel driver, and some still pull out in front of me! Some people feel way too powerful behind a wheel of a car. And the same people have never known what it feels like to be on a motorcycle sharing the roads with ignorant drivers. FOR ALL 4-WHEEL AUTOMOBILE DRIVERS: Look for motocycles, we do not have much padding between us and the road. Be considerate to motorcyclist. And NEVER tailgate a motorcyle, or it will be on your concious when you run us over after a lost of control that can happen, especially from your damn oil spills! If you hit me, run me over, or whatever, I hope you get to write home to my family and friends how your time was more precious than my life! OUT HERE

Sasa- Way to go. Nice control. I would have thumped his noggin, I am sure. I also, rode back in the day (never even had a car till I was 23), and people in cages are always the greatest threat. Maybe you took an idiot out of circulation for a while, and saved someones life.

Not to take away from that GREAT chase and capture, but the first thing you should have done was stop and check on your friend. Even if he did stand up he could have been suffering a severe concussion, internal bruising or bleeding, or other life threatening injuries, in which case those few minutes it took you to call him on his phone could have made all the difference.

Still, it turned out the way it did, so good job! Nail the SOB.

Aiki, I had 2 or 3 seconds to decide whether to stop and help my friend or chase the fucker. When I saw he jumped on his feet I immediately decided to nail the bastard. Anyway, it happened in the center of the city as you might have noticed if you saw the pictures and I called the paramedics immediately when I dragged the idiot out of his car. We went to the court today. He received a fine, approximately 1/2 monthly salary in Croatia, 5 penalty points (7 require 6 months of revoked driver’s license and doing the procedure once again) and his license was revoked for 3 months. The problem is that the moron has Italian papers too and they took away the Croatian license so he can still drive using Italian papers. If nothing else, my friend will collect the money from the insurance for the damage of his bike.

Good show mate. BTW you the bald guy in the bike pics? I ride a 2001 Honda Sabre. It is an 1100 cc cruiser. Much larger than what you guys were riding but the idea is the same. That sucks I have had the same thing happen to my friends in the states however I was not with them I hope I would have done the same (more likely I would have gone to jail).

Yeppers, I am the bald one… way to go Knuckle… I was an avid car and drag/street race fan when I was a bit younger… I believe you could call me an ex “racer boy”…I discovered bikes just recently and Trailway was the only new bike I could afford right now, besides, it’s a nice beginner’s bike, it has cheap maintenance and heaps of fun. However, the biggest bikes I drove were Honda 1100XX Blackbird and Yamaha Diversion 900. Nice machines. :slight_smile: Those bikes are something worth living for, I tell you… but I guess, you already know that. :slight_smile: