Thyroid & E2 Results

Thyroid Panel With TSH
TSH 2.450 uIU/mL 0.450-4.500 01
Thyroxine (T4) 7.2 ug/dL 4.5-12.0 01
T3 Uptake 39 % 24-39 01
Free Thyroxine Index 2.8 1.2-4.9 01
Estradiol <5.1 L pg/mL 7.6-42.6 01 Besides the shitty e2 what can one conclude about my thyroid ?. My e2 tested at 7.4 three weeks ago, I stopped a-dex, for 2 weeks.I Re-tested last week and it was 26, b4 i took my cypionate shot of 100mg , and hcg 100iu every 5 days.I took .25 mg of L-dex twice last week and re-tested today also b4 my cypionate and hcg shot and it dropped from 26 to 5.1 …dammit. I guess from now on i will just lick the outside of the L-dex bottle or stare at it really hard and that should be enough to keep my e2 in check…

You can’t conclude a whole lot. The tsh looks fine and the t4 looks fine though optimally you need to get free t4 and t3 checked. Also you need to explain symptoms. Depression, low body temperature, hair shedding, weight gain, inability to lose fat, fatigue are all symptoms of hypothyroidism.

Usually the low body temperature/feeling cold is the MAIN one, something that is present in most cases. Before I was taking my pills and iodine my hands were freezing and my temperature was once 96.8 (after coming from outside in the florida sun). After taking taking iodine and thyroid pills my temperature was constant at around 98.8.

I have most of the HYPERTHYROID symptoms and they are not too far off from low e2 signs and mine is crashed again , so that may be the prob.

[quote]bolo5 wrote:
I have most of the HYPERTHYROID symptoms and they are not too far off from low e2 signs and mine is crashed again , so that may be the prob.[/quote]

Probably as nothing signals hyperthyroidism.

Thanks Retinoid

Interesting. This is the first OP I remember who is actually an adex overresponder. You are taking liquid adex I assume, right? If so, can you make your dosage any lower? Maybe .125 mg twice a week to start.

Also, you may have better luck with aromasin.

How did you feel when your E2 was at 26?

Yes on the l-dex, i felt better when e2 was 26 but not great. I was coming up from 7.4 , i wasnt at 26 very long though. I didnt want to get in the 30< range so i dosed the l-dex. My first time using l-dex, my A-dex was past its exp. date by a year and also i wanted a more calculated dose. Your right V.T. I will wait 2 weeks and dose at 1/8th mg . I only really felt good for about a week when i was dosing T @ 200mg . Then i crashed my e2 , dropped T dosage to 100mg every 5 days and have felt like crap ever since . I pay out of pocket for my bloodwork so next week i will test my total test and see where im at.I have been considering increasing my HCG dosing , i lowered it from 250iu 2X weekly to 100iu , because i thought i was responding poorly to it but really i was crashing my e2 at that time, so i think increasing HCG could help me feel better . Any opinions ? tnx bolo.

Truthfully, I have not needed hcg as part of my TRT. But I suspect I have a tumor on my pituitary keepign my LH/FSH up (or my T dose is not high enough), so my situation is probably unique. But it does show that hcg is not always needed.

If it is making you feel like shit, drop it…but keep in mind that if you start feeling symptoms from it (shrunken balls, lethargy from lack of pregnenolone/cortisol, etc.) then you can always pick it back up again.

It is much easier to adjust one variable at a time than multiple, so the easier you can make that equation the better.