Thyroid Bloodwork. Poor FT3:RT3 Ratio? TRT Not Working

Hi all,

I am hoping that I can get some opinion on my Thyroid bloodwork… I am currently taking 100mcg Levothyroxine on a empty stomach when I wake up 30 minutes before food. For my trt I am on test cypionate 10mg daily + 100iu HCG daily and 6.25mg of Examistan eod. My libido is poor. Could my ft3:Rt3 ratio be causing the problem? My blood work for test and e2 looks very good. I have attached a screenshot of my thyroid bloodwork. To summarise, my ft3:rt3 is right at the bottom of normal range. Thank you for reading.

Could be, given your numbers, your fT3 could be higher.

What are your test, free test, E2 levels, and anything else you can provide?

I’m not seeing a thyroid problem here, TSH is <2.5, Free T3 high normal.

This is the problem, testosterone is low do to AAS and this was your original your problem. It’s known long term steroid usage can damage the limbic system.

I would like to see testosterone labs.

Hi System lord… I am now on TRT TEST C 10MG DAILY + 100IU HCG DAILY + QUATER TAB OF EXAMISTAN EOD… PLUS 100MCG LEVOTHYROXINE… My TSH increased after starting TRT… My latest bloodwork shows that I have boarder line normal ft3:rt3… Could this be hindering my trt? My thyroid bloodwork is at the top of this thread.

System Lord… I’ve just seen a post from you via my email account but can not see it on here… You mention t3 treatment only… I will look into this… Thank you

SystemLord… Are you suggesting that I drop my 100mcg of Levothyroxine and start on T3 only? Will my thyroid gland go back to producing t4 again?

I do not see why is wouldn’t.

Because T3 is suppressive and T4 isn’t.

You’re body is converting too much T4 into rT3. Your rT3 should be below 15 and optimal would be 8-10. If you get on cytomel you can bring down your T4 and thus your rT3.

Many Thanks trifive… From what I have studied so far is that 25mcg of T3 medication is roughly the equivalent of 100mcg of T4 medication… I intend to drop the T4 and start the T3 tablets… In terms of dosing, I’m reading some users split the tablet and take three times per day due to short half life while others simply dose once per day before breakfast…