Thoughts on Test C, Finasteride, and Adex

Also, do you normally pull the plunger back to check on hitting a vein? Out of many many injections, I’ve only hit a vein once I believe.

Nope, never aspirate (pull back). I think that the need to do that has been debunked, but if I were to ever use tren (probably won’t), I would. I have a buddy who thinks he hit a vein with tren, and he claims he was on the floor coughing his lungs out for 30 minutes.

If you go past 27 gauge, the fill time gets really annoying, and the diameter of the needle isn’t much different. IMO, 27 gauge is the sweet spot, unless you’re pushing a lot of oil. I use slin pins ( insulin needles), so you can only use 1ml. I usually pin m,wf, so I’m limited to 3ml. If I use some low concentration gear, I’ll have to change my syringes, or up the frequency.

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Great. Ordering them on Amazon. Thanks.

That’s where I get them.

That nerve runs down the inner-middle of your cheek. If you do your shots on the upper-outer area, and don’t use a 2in needle, you’ll be fine