The planes DID NOT DESTROY WTC in 9/11

All that post was was a anti-america and anti-Israel post. You made an attempt to sound intelligent so that your complete BULLS**T would win over people. I just spoke with a friend of mine who not only has a PHD in engineering but also has real world hands on experience in structural work especially pertaining to skyscrapers. He spent the better part of five minutes pointing to every bit of your BS. As for your links its just more anti-american anti-israel crap. As usual someone has to much time on their hands. I could go on and on about this topic but I won’t. You don’t deserve any more attention than you have already gotten. I will just end by saying to the rest of you that this guy is out of his mind and by the way I am the kind of guy that believes that conspiracies do happen and that at times in history the US gov. has done bad things and used poor judgement but in the case of 9/11 that is not the case. It was the arab terrorists.