The (hypothetical) apocalypse

1.) What caused the apocalypse? Nukes, zombies, aliens, climate change, terrorism,
reading @castoli1971, etc.

2.) What skills do you have and how would you utilize them?

3.) Assume 50% of your posessions have been destroyed, but you get to pick what to take.

4.) What new life would you build?

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Castoli1971’s anti-establishment sentiments finaly took physical form.

I’m a pretty good shot. I can track game and read patterns in nature quite well. Fly fishing and fly tying, reading the water, etc. Used for obtaining food.

Shelter- I’m pretty handy as a builder and I think I could do pretty well with some rudimentary tools. I’ve worked with a couple of stingy cheap ass contractors enough times to get by quite well with very little.

Of course, rods & tackle, some light weaponry, knives & hatchet or axe.

Probably not much different than my current one. Protect family, obtain food, avoid others. :man_shrugging:t2:.

  1. Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Meta, Tesla, Berkshire Hathaway and whatever large corporations merged into one super monopoly firm. They have control over the government, farms, schools, manufacturing, real estate, religion, and military in the USA. Society is structurally based around this one monopoly firm. The monopoly firm is ran by a council of old wrinkly men with a reptilian appearance.

An underground resistance decides they had enough and decide to storm the headquarters of the firm which is located in Florida. This resulted in a war between civilians and the military (which is controlled by the monopoly firm). As time passes, the resistance is getting clobbered by the monopoly.

In a last ditch effort, an intelligent traitor of the monopoly firm works with the resistance to come up with a plan. Their plan was to get every civilian into an underground bunker and launch nuclear missiles all over the continent. The plan would be known as “The Great Reset”. The intent was to blow up everything the monopoly firm built and start over from the ashes.

The Great Reset happens, but everything went to shit once the civilians got out of their underground bunkers and plant their feet on the surface once more. They slowly resorted to tribalism and formed barbaric clans across the continent.

  1. I am ex-military and I’m trained in all forms of combat, martial arts, marksmanship and whatever fucking weaponry there is in existence. I used to serve the monopoly firm, but went awol due rumors of the Great Reset. I would use these skills to protect myself from the barbaric clans. I am trained in gun kata (from equilibrium lol)

  2. I have a Barrett M82/M107, crossbow, jet pack, bullet proof armor, I dual wield desert eagles, and then I have a katana that was forged by some master Japanese guy. I prefer to walk around in a black trench coat that conceals all sorts of weapons like knives, grenades, smoke bombs. I also drive a war rig, similar to one you would see in Mad Max.

  3. Kill all my enemies and start a family I guess


I have an air rifle that shoots at 1200 fps. And can keep over 1000 rounds in a mason jar.

:man_shrugging:t2: just sayin, if you run out of gas & get hungry, I probably won’t hunt you down & kill you.

  1. Natural cataclysm ( this is our only hope)

2)I can build a fire with two sticks! I can grow things. I can kill things. I can presrve things.
I can sew things. I can build things. I’m good, I have been preparing for this my whole life.

  1. Guns, knives, radio, coffee
    Edit: Soap, needles and thread, fishing line.

  2. Plan to take over the world!

I am definitely Pinky… lol


I am going to bathe in your blood.

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Good luck with that! :rofl:

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I work in finance, so I can execute trades and make strategic PowerPoints for rebuilding a colony.


I want to see you hit a turkey with a fast ball!

The sound of that would be hilarious! :smiley:

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1.) What caused the apocalypse? Nukes, zombies, aliens, climate change, terrorism,
reading @castoli1971, etc.

It will definitely be another lab leak by some careless nerd.

2.) What skills do you have and how would you utilize them?

Honestly, I’m pretty fucking useless. I can shoot but I had to get rid of all my guns when my wife pled guilty to Medicaid fraud. I do have a high tolerance for putting up with bullshit. I feel like the apocalypse would be a bunch of bullshit.

3.) Assume 50% of your possessions have been destroyed, but you get to pick what to take.

A can opener for sure. A few knives, fishing rod and tackle (even though I fucking hate fishing and eating fish). Upon reflection, I have very little useful shit.

4.) What new life would you build?

I’m bipolar. Not long after my meds ran out, EVERYTHING would go to shit. I don’t think there would be real life for me to build.

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Reminds me of the Randy Johnson quote:

I don’t own a gun, but I keep a bag of baseballs near our bed . If someone breaks in they better be wearing a batting helmet because I’m going to throw at their head."

I was mostly poking at Castoli. I do work in finance now, but was an apprentice carpenter, then worked as a developer before moving to finance to chase more
Money and less hours. Also, somewhat proficient in martial arts (Muai Thai, although been 10 years and BJJ) as well as firearms.

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There we have it! Lions mane & turkey dinner.

We just need @Brant_Drake to make it super awesome.

Apocalypse solved!


POOF! :rofl:


Realistically, I’d be in deep shit too. I could use dandelion root as a diuretic, but I have a few essential heart meds which, once gone would be a short matter of time.

I don’t like to jump into these threads because I like hearing what other people have to say and don’t want to dominate the tone of the conversation. But here are my answers.

1.) Pandemic/Zombie

2.) Give me a knife, salt, and a fire. That’s all I’d need for myself. When I was a kid I’d be left out in the woods for the weekend with anything I could fit in a ziplock bag. And I’m half-prepper, so we always have bug out bags, ocean gear, and clothes prepacked - ready to grab. But I’m also a surprisingly sensitive person. So navigating social environments in chaos would be key.

3.) Books, knife roll, (which is one chef knife, one serrated knife, one paring knife, one boning knife, a twelve inch fish knife, one oyster knife, one utility knife, two slotted spoons, two plating spoons because Corey likes to accidentally borrow them in the middle of service, one puree spoon, two ice tea spoons for delicate saucing, a wine key, a pen flashlight, a Bic lighter, probe thermometer, candy thermometer, small plating tweezers, medium offset tweezers, big-ass tweezers, two barbie spats, a first aid kit, orange cough drops.) In a leather or canvas roll, I will MacGyver the shit out of this. I forgot the knife steel. This is your weapon. Or your words would be even better.

4.) Apocalypse happens, first step is to grab what we want, head to a local store that has food, other survivors, and can be defended. Stay there for a month or so since electric plants will fail and food goes bad, but stock up on non-perishables, clothes for the kids predicted growth, find two dogs from a shelter and start training them. Plan for puppies. Steal literally everything from the pharmacy. And seeds from the garden section.

Get a sailboat and find a freshwater lake (like Tahoe, for instance.) Get the other survivors to make a floating pandemic/zombie-proof floating island in the middle. You have fresh uncontaminated water since it’s all sailboats, fish to catch, a community to assist, knowledge to pass on, and when you reach the end, take your books and bury them in a water proof bag, so the next civilization finds them, and pull a johnny Appleseed move and cross the land tossing seeds as wide as possible.

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I want you on my team. Or I can be on yours. Either way, thats a valuable skill to smooth out the peaks & troughs of feast or famine.

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Apocalypse caused by the super volcano under Yellowstone finally erupting.

  1. I can solve problems and come up with ingenious solutions on how to build stuff. I know how to create water catchment and filtration systems from common materials, create fire, tie knots, how to cook, and how to annoy dumbasses.

  2. I am taking as many knives as I can carry and a way to sharpen them, an axe, containers to hold water, fire starting equipment, 1000ft of 550 paracord and a copy of Heart of Darkness and The Raven.

  3. Build a commune of useful, skilled people. @Brant_Drake, @SkyzykS @ChickenLittle are all invited because your skills are all necessary and a compliment to my own. We need to find a doctor though.



Outdoorsy stuff. Hunting, fishing and a touch of hobby ranching that could be utilized full time. So then an amateur level of shooting, tracking & stalking that a lifetime hunter would learn.

A jack of all trades level of experience welding (ugly fixing pipe fences and other small tasks), carpentry (have framed and finished small structures)

Et cetera.

It’s hard to list 50% of possessions but the most useful I can think of would be to grab guns and spare parts. I would make sure to keep old school revolvers and break action shotguns in the mix for reliability if other guns begin wearing out over time in an assumed supply shortage for things like cleaning supplies and oil. Fishing equipment.

Would definitely grab some keepsakes and a few pieces of art my daughter drew. One in particular that I’ve framed and matted.

The ranch has all the useful stuff I would need so I guess I’d leave home and call it 50/50.

A new full time life at the ranch. It’s far enough out that it’s off the beaten path, has wells, river frontage, operating hay fields, a self-sustaining cattle herd, horses and deer, hogs & turkey. Occasional mountain lions to keep things spicy and make pelt jackets with.

Not sure if I would attempt building a community or booby trap the place and kill trespassers on site. Would probably depend on the stage of societal recovery post nukes. Neighbors all know each other and it’s the type of place that nobody would say much and would even collude to keep outsiders away, so a loose network of ranches would probably be the society.

Even the Sheriffs, it’s in an area of Texas where a handful of Sheriffs refused to enforce any proposed anti 2a laws a few years ago, and even offered to deputize the entire county so they could legally own them if the feds stepped in. So the general attitude feels like a good place to ride out some turbulence, if you’re supposed to be there.


This is hard, lol. I’ve been using spin reels and bait casters with great success my whole life in the Gukf of Mexico but wasn’t catching shit in the rivers and lakes where I moved. So I hired a fly guide, killed it and immediately bought a rig. Relearning all the knots and new techniques has been frustrating to say the least. But fun.

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