The Bud Light Thread

Wow, this place has stagnated let’s bump that activity up. The official Bud Light thread.
Anybody deliberately avoiding Bud Light since the whole Dylan Mulvaney production? What’s you stance and thoughts.
You can take away our freedom and liberty, you can burn down our cities, you can ban us from banking, you can hunt us all down like dogs and we don’t say shit. You fuck with our alcohol, now that’s WAR! Nothing is more American than that!

Bud Light is shit. It’s terrible beer, but it was a national icon. Now it’s a national disgrace, nobody wants to be seen drinking Bud Light, save for activists. I don’t know if the brand can be saved. I don’t think there are enough pinko-commie, blue and pink haired having, cis-multi-gendered, easily offended, snow-flake, cross-dressing, baby killing freaks to support the brand. It’s become taboo, anathema to be seen drinking Bud Light. It’s hillarious…

How to kill a legendary brand in two weeks, that idiot bitch who made that ad decision should get an award for the death of a legacy brand in record time.

Let me tell you why this boycott is different:

  1. They fucked with our alcohol.
  2. Bud Light is shitty beer.
  3. Lots of choices for cheap shitty beer.
  4. It’s super easy to do.
  5. Lots of other options.

If this is the hill conservatives want to die on, I am ready to die with them. It’s time to put an end of this woke shit. We have had enough.

Now for a poll:
Are you boycotting Anheiser-Busch especially Bud Light?

  • Yes.
  • Dude, everybody hates your guts, why don’t you go please away, finally.
  • No
  • I live under a rock.

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Does anybody still trust the Mainstream Media at this point? After all the absolutely transparent lies they have told over the past 5-6 years, I do not see how a grown, well reasoned thinking adult can trust anything the press says.
So for my second poll:
Do you still trust the legacy corporate media to be honest and tell the truth?

  • Yes, implicitly!
  • Most of the time still, they get most things right and people make mistakes
  • Brian Stelter is a sex god!
  • I expect them to at least get the headlines right.
  • No.
  • Hell No!
  • Hell, Fuck No!

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Yeah, but what’s your opinion on the matter? Hard to tell. :wink:



I’m not boycotting bud light

But I’ve never tried bud light

After bearing about their campaign of incessant virtue signalling I have decided to explicitly avoid bud light during future visits to America. Go woke… go broke… that’s the only way companies will (eventually) learn.

Last time I went to America I was 18. That meant taking Rum from my friends moms liquor cabinet when she wasn’t around. Keep in mind legal drinking age in Aus is 18

And people generally start at 15-16 here.

Isn’t bud LIGHT like half a beer in a beer? Light usually means like half the alcohol content… does this entail half of the caloric intake?

I ask because if caloric intake is the same… and alcohol content is lower… and you drink it for the taste… why not buy non alcoholic beer?


Anybody paying attention to mainstream anything and believing it is asleep.

I just focus on winning and growing my empire.

I also don’t drink beer like ever so…


It is difficult to boycott what you don’t buy. So there’s that.

I do have a suggestion for Anheuser-Busch to demonstrate their consideration to their core beer drinkers. Place their Clydesdale horses in the penalty box (stables). Now bring William Tell Coleman’s 20 mule team out of retirement.

Instead of the Clydesdale horses proudly pulling the Anheuser-Busch beer wagon, the Borax 20 mule team would humbly pull the Anheuser-Busch beer wagon making a complete tour throughout the USA.

Until this is done, if I were a beer drinker, I would not drink another Anheuser-Busch product.


I’ve been boycotting Budweiser since those terrible ad campaigns of the 1990’s where all of the idiots in high school were running around saying “whassssaaaaaapppp???” in the most obnoxious voice possible.

Otherwise it’s great to see woke ideas crash and burn in spectacular fashion. The only people I’m sorry for are the workers at Budweiser who may lose out by their brand joining team Trans The Kids.


Whiskey Rebellion - Wikipedia(also%20known,the%20newly%20formed%20federal%20government.

:man_shrugging:t2: You’re not wrong.

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when I moved from the EU (i lived in a bunch of placed) and tried bud-shite I was like who the fuck can drink this piss. (same btw for herschey’s chocolate).
so i don’t understand the boycott in a sense that no normal human being could potentially drink this in the first place?


American beer from what I can remember just isn’t very good…

Belgian/german beer is muuuccchhh better


We have many outstanding breweries now. Back in the 1990’s this wasn’t the case.

Drinking beer in 1990’s Germany is what got me to like beer in the first place. However, the Reinheitsgebot (very old German purity law) is actually a handicap for craft beer brewing that modern American brewers don’t have to abide by.

Modern American brewing is actually a lot like what I observed in Germany in the 90’s, where each little town had it’s own local brewery, with most larger cities having many local breweries.

One really big difference is there weren’t any lying tranny communists on the beer packaging in 1990’s Germany.


I haven’t drank beer in 15 years, but if I did it wouldn’t be an AB InBev product. I haven’t used Gillette products either since their toxic masculinity commercial I don’t know how many years ago. If I spend money on your products, I expect to be treated with respect. Companies thumb that their nose at their customers in order to appeal to people who don’t even buy their products is bizarre.


Who was this commercial aimed towards… WHO WAS THE AUDIENCE?

Thats what I want to know… who on earth thought that commercial was a good idea?

“You piece of SHIT! You SLIME! Buy our products plz”


Never liked bud products, but if i did i would boycott…just like i boycott anything disney

always drank coors or blue moon


Seems like a perfect fit since Bud Light has always pretended to be something it’s not, beer…

*I rarely drink and when I do it is normally bourbon. If I have a beer it’s usually local.


I reckon it’ll die out over the next 5 years or so following mounting backlash.

My hope is that we don’t swing too far in the other direction (one extreme to another). We’ve tried the opposing extreme… That didn’t work… Now a new extreme has come to fruition that doesn’t work either…

Middle ground time… Go back to the 90’s/2000’s

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Why Forced Woke Diversity is Dying - YouTube

Why Woke Media is Dying - YouTube

We will see… There is mounting backlash

Companies staunchly advocating the woke shit i.e disney, netflix etc are deep in the red. The saying “go woke and go broke” is ringing true.

Movies like the woman king, bros etc broke records for terrible box office openings. Warner bros recently fired a whole lot of staff, and is conducting damage control i.e cancelling batgirl movie

There is no appetite for identity politics and radical gender ideology. The masses just aren’t interested. We want to be entertained, we don’t want preachy bullshit telling us we need to be better.

Remember Amazon’s ‘the rings of power’… Look at the like to dislike ratio present within all clips/trailers… Amazon even admitted that their BILLION dollar project was an absolute disaster.

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I recommend the book “The Forever War” by Joe Haldeman. Science fiction, but he predicted a lot of things, maybe tongue in cheek, but entertaining non the less.

I don’t think you can reasonably call people out for being “easily offended” while pitching this much of a fit over a fucking beer can.

I genuinely can’t think of a person I hate enough that their visage would keep me from buying a product I otherwise use. I don’t drink, but the market seems to agree with me:


I want to point out the true prevalence of gender dysphoria is around 1 in 30,000 or so. REAL gender dysphoria (not suddenly deciding you are non binary) is a debilitating condition. A condition that is also debilitating but unrelated to gender is “body integrity identity disorder”. Look it up… seriously… look it up, it’s WAY worse relative to gender dysphoria considering a lot of them actually wind up chopping off a limb with a hacksaw/whatever they can find. Suicide is a risk amongst those with gender dysphoria… But the rate of suicide attempt is around 20%. To put this into perspective, 20% of people with bipolar disorder actually die from suicide, and up to 60% will attempt suicide. Around 15% of men with major depressive disorder (unipolar disorder) die from suicide.

With BIID, a loooooooooooot of them wind up amputating a limb… Either a suregon does it, or they do it themselves… and even then, amputation only cures the problem 70% of the time.

There are lots of rare diseases out there that cause a hell of a lot of suffering, yet these diseases have very little public recognition

So much emphasis on trans recognition… What about recognition for CIDP, neuromyotonia, charcot marie tooth disease, scleroderma, stills disease, Sjogren’s syndrome, marfans syndrome, Progressive bulbar palsy, huntingtons disease, kennedy’s disease… Can keep listing

These are all rare diseases that can and do cause a lot of suffering. Why not raise awareness and recognition over these? Why is there so much emphasis on trans stuff? The average person doesn’t CARE about trans politics… at this point the reaction garnered by me when I see movies pushing preachy political agendas (most recently seen by me in “assassination nation”) and “wendyll and wild” is “really… this doesn’t even seem like legitimate representation; it just seems forced at this point”. If there was a movie where a trans character was included as a legitimate plot point like boys don’t cry (1999)… great!

When I’m watching wendyll and wild… it absolutely feels forced! When I’m watching booksmart, it is 100% forced… I’m at such a point of annoyance that I’ll actually turn off a movie when I see forced representation. Three years ago, I didn’t care… The virtue signalling has actually put me off!

It’s not that I don’t empathise with people who are suffering, but when you over represent and push issues that IMO aren’t actually that important. What are we trying to push? Acknowledgement that trans people exist? Most people know… and MOST people don’t really care. Pushing preachy political agendas and calling non-bigoted people bigots is MAKING people care.

It’s counter intuitive.

Do you know any trans people? I know two “non-binary” people, one of which probably has the worst life… ever… and has been in and out of hospital for years. The other is just a young girl who is/always has been bisexual… though my suspicion is that she is homosexual. But this young woman is easily influenced and will almost certainly grow out of it as she clearly has no intentions of getting a sex change.

Lovely young woman but misguided and had an abusive, piece of shit father.


What, exactly, is the mistake that Bud Light committed here? I haven’t watched the commercial, and don’t know anything about this Dylan character. I don’t want to do my own research on this matter either.

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