The Big-Ass Muffin Recipe for Hungry Lifters

by Dani Shugart

Giant Chocolate Banana Protein Muffins

Hungry? Have a snack that supports your body composition goals and fills you up. Here's a healthy muffin recipe you've just gotta try.

The Ultimate Muffin Recipe

There’s a middle ground between snacking on junk food and snacking on raw broccoli. And that middle ground is delicious. That’s where this muffin recipe – and actually all our protein recipes – come in.

And I won’t stop saying it. You can be lean and jacked without eating like a monk – but by the same token – you can satisfy a sweet tooth without eating like an unsupervised child on Halloween night. That’s the deal with dessert that makes you feel full; it won’t leave you feeling like you need more to be satiated.

This recipe isn’t low calorie because these muffins are enormous. But you may find yourself cutting them in half and sharing with someone else. And if you don’t share, awesome! Desserts that satiate are still the ones that keep us lean.

Each muffin has about 20 grams of protein. That may not seem like a lot, but it’s quadruple the protein of a Starbucks muffin with 100 fewer calories. Scroll down to see how these muffins compare to the ones you’d find at Panera.

So let’s get to the good part: ingredients and directions.

The Ingredients

The Directions

  1. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit (176 degrees Celsius)
  2. Mash the bananas in a mixing bowl.
  3. Add all the other ingredients and mix thoroughly.
  4. Spray a muffin tin with non-stick spray.
  5. Evenly distribute the batter into a muffin tin that holds four big-ass muffins.
  6. Pull the muffins out of the oven and check for doneness by stabbing one with a knife or toothpick. If it comes out clean, it’s cooked through. If it comes out with batter attached, it needs a little more time. This recipe doesn’t contain eggs or raw meat, so you can enjoy it undercooked. Or just eat the batter totally raw, you animal.

The Options

  • Go nuts… or don’t! I added walnuts in the video, but you can skip them completely or use any type of chopped nut you like. Chocolate chips are also a thing you could add.
  • If you only have a standard muffin tin, use it but decrease the cook time by at least 10 minutes.
  • You don’t have to use Splenda. Monk fruit (Buy at Amazon) sweetener is also a good choice for this recipe.
  • Also, feel free to decrease the sugar substitute if you don’t like your muffins super sweet. Just taste the batter as you go and use that as your guide.
  • Sugar substitutions are not calorie free, so remember that any modifications (or any nut additions, changes in muffin size, etc.) you make will alter the calorie and macro count listed below.

Macros, Cals, And How Starbucks & Panera Stack Up

These values are for each jumbo-sized muffin. (The optional walnuts are not included in the nutritional value of the base recipe.)

Giant Chocolate-Banana Protein Muffin

  • Calories: 258
  • Fat: 3 grams
  • Carbs: 33 grams
  • Protein: 20 grams

Now compare these protein-filled muffins to what you’d find at two popular places. Here’s what you’re in for:

Panera Pumpkin Muffin

  • Calories: 560
  • Fat: 24 grams
  • Carbs: 78 grams
  • Protein: 8 grams

Starbucks Blueberry Muffin

  • Calories: 360
  • Fat: 15 grams
  • Carbs: 52 grams
  • Protein: 5 grams


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I had to eat like 30 of these as Dani tested this recipe. The things I do for you people…


This recipe took me a few tries! One batch was somehow too moist. So moist, that they basically turned into a pile of muffins. (Still delicious though.)


Thanks for the new recipe! I’ve tried (on more than one occasion) your biscotti and the 5-min protein brownie recipes and they did not disappoint.


Oh my goodness, I’m so stoked to hear that! Thanks for giving those a shot!

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Way to take one for team!

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It’s a sacrifice. But if I must eat protein muffins, I will. For America. For freedom. Yeah, I’m basically a hero.


Not all heroes wear a cape

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thank you for your sacrifice. :slight_smile:

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I’m a big fan of the 5 minute brownie recipe, as well.

My question: how well do these keep in the refrigerator?

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You can definitely refrigerate them, but they don’t have to be if you’re going to eat them within a couple days. They tend to dry out a little quicker when refrigerated.

It’s kinda like an eggless banana bread. :joy:

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Used a different protein due to it being what I have. Also used Chocolate PB2!

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Awesome! How did they turn out? Was the flavor, consistency, etc good?

I want everyone to be able to adapt these things for what they have, but I’m not always sure what the outcome will be! :sweat_smile:

If it turns out great with replacements, then that tells me it’s a truly fool-proof recipe.


Yeah! They turned out great! Definitely on the MOIST side, and that’s not bad. I actually used one scoop of unflavored Isopure in place of another flavored scoop and still grew. Thanks!


Jordan S. Colby

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Muffins- the biggest struggle to prepare.
I can’t remember now the recipe I’ve tried to prepare, but the final result was a complete failure, disappointment, and mistake. Someone recommended trying a mini corn muffin recipe and eventually going with more complex muffins. Thus, with some practice and patience, I’ll master the art of making muffins.

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The secret in our house has been putting a little bit of apple sauce in the mix

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Oh nooo! That’s really frustrating.

If you’re thinking about conventional muffins with wheat flour (or cornmeal) and sugar, then there are some expectations regarding fluffiness, texture, sweetness, etc. And I believe those are harder to get right.

But with protein desserts (or at least with what I make using Metabolic Drive) there’s a lot more density in every recipe. It’s almost like eating a brownie in muffin form — that’s an exaggeration — but you catch my drift. I also find that once you get the general ratios right, it’s hard to mess up protein desserts.

Happy baking!

Sounds amazing!