Testosterone Supplements

I searched but didnt find much of use to my question.

A friend of mine was told, by the owner of a supplement store, that he had men around 20-25 already coming in to get pills to support their libido. The reason? Testosterone supplements that they took as teenagers(16-18).

How exactly does this happen? Does the body bring itself to such a high point with the testosterone that it drops lower than it originally was when off the cycle?

Id like some insight on this…and no, its only because of curiosity. Its a bit scary thinking a guy wouldnt be able to get a hard on when hes in his early twenties!!!

Ah, and i forgot to add. I also understand it obviously depends on your body as well. This doesent effect everyone, im guessing.

I think another element to be considered is because of the availability of all these “libido boosters” people assume they need them and feel like they aren’t performing to what they think others might be. Guys wondering how come they aren’t peter-north’ing all over some gorgeous woman. must be there libido, heaven forbid somebody is actually average!

just my thoughts on the availability of all the sexual performance ‘enhancers’ available anywhere from GNC to Smoothie King, to the 7-11.