Surge Challenge Principles

Sure, but they’ll need coaching, regardless of your training experience.

Advanced training principles are challenging to teach to the degree required for successful application. That’s where workouts come in. Workouts provide the application blueprint for success, but they still need to be coached.

Our goal is to help as many lifters as we can with old-school-type coaching. As we wrote in the principles:

We used to drive across the country to visit our mentors and colleagues to learn, compare notes, and for advice. It was Pumping Iron old-school, and it was awesome. And we’re committed to delivering the same kind of old-school experience to you, and we can do it all in person on the forums, with video, and even with phone calls.

The workouts we sent out today consist of 17 pages. They’re generating a ton of questions, and we’re going to follow through on the commitment.

Why didn’t you sign up for the Surge Workout Challenge? It’s completely free.

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