Stupider Than Squat Rack Curls!

In my metallica + deadlift combination rage platter yesterday, I deadlifted what i thought was 495. everyone was watching and i felt like the man. then i realized i’d actually deadlifted 505- great, so that’d make me 10 lbs closer to being the man. but then i realized everyone was watching me cuz i had 4 45’s, a 25, and 2 10’s on one side of the bar, but on the right side i’d mistakenly put a 35 instead of a 25. i must’ve looked like the strong, retarded type… like a lenny from of mice and men.

This happened about 3 months ago.

I was at my gym doing pullups on the cables. So while I am taking a break, this lady goes and holds on to the handle on one of the sides and starts doing “TipToe-ATG-squat-while-holding-on-the support bar”, and “Kick-backs-while-holding-on-the support bar”.

I am like WTF? but its ok, its my break time anyways. HOWEVER, this lady just keeps doing the darn thing for 4 minutes straingt!! I start to get pissed. When she stops, I immediately move in to do my pullups. Once I am done, she goes and does her thing.

Now I am hoping she realizes that we are sharing this thing, but she doesn’t care!!! I am pissed!.. So once she start doing her TipToe-ATGSquats (again) I jump in do my pullups. About 2" away from her. Later on she starts giving me the looks.

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I saw this: A guy doing 185 lbs. squats for triples with his buddies on the smith machine… no big deal, except he was wearing a weight belt, had a back spotter while the other guy cheered him on with shit like “kill that weight bro!”, then they would rotate and the next guy would lead the scene. I wish I had that shit on film.

[quote]arsefluff wrote:
check this t shirt out ! very fitting :slight_smile:[/quote]

That’s awesome!!! That’s gotta be one of the best t-shirts ever made in relation to weightlifting.