Someone Sets Off Lunk Alarm

^^ I guess the negative part could be the most beneficial part.

Anyway, yes, there are some people that can ‘kind of’ curl 200+ , but that’s not a preacher bench, and I am in Taiwan, meaning I don’t think the one man in the world that may do this is here!

My guess it was staged, but regardless it was funny as hell. It’s hard to justify getting to sanctimonious about this type of thing anyone who is serious about training has had their fair share of stories about dumb shit in the gym and dumb gym policies. SO why not laugh?

Realistically if it was real he is a douche and bordered on being one if it was staged ie. some of the shit he did could have hurt someone and the poor little girl he was going off on was doing her job regardless of how stupid it is. But again it was funny it’s one of those type of things you imagine in your mind but would never do still no one did get hurt and he left and the video is priceless.


I think doing stuff like this further encourages the bodybuilding “Roid Rage” stigma. Planet fitness might workout out for different type of athletes. Marathon runners and such. If you don’t like em dont work out there. But to ride up in there and assualt some poor little girl…thats just wrong. Ive said this before…I know plenty of big guys who workout at PF cause its cheap and bench like 405+ while theyre there. They do it without grunting excessively too. I love my hardcore gym. It has a thick rope which we can climb over 15ft into the air…punching bags…weights up to 130lbs and 400+ tires. But when I go to PF sometimes with a friend who has guest priveleges I just follow the rules. Its like going to china and disobeying their laws just because you think its stupid…its ok to have a problem with their laws but arent you better off not going at all?

Whereas I see the situation from both sides i honestly don’t see what the big deal is. Even GOLDS gym around the corner from where i live has a hugge sign saying DONT DROP THE WEIGHTS…IF YOU CANT SET EM DOWN DON"T LIFT THEM. I personally don’t think you have to yell to the top of your lungs to lift heavy or chuck the weights across the room to have a good set…but thats just me.