Same Calories Every Day and Train Hard, Do You Lose Fat?

Let’s say you were 200lbs, and you increased your calories which allowed you to bulk up to 230lbs, but in the meantime you also went from 10% bodyfat to 17% bodyfat during that phase.

Now you just stay at those same calories that got you to 230lbs and continue to train hard on your lifts. You do this for a 18 months. What happens?

Your weight will not change from 230lbs because you’re eating the same number of calories every day. But what happens to your bodyfat percentage? Does it stay the same? Or slowly decrease throughout that 18 month period so you’re at a new ‘set-point’ where you’re something like 230lbs and 12% bodyfat?

when i weighed 200, increase calories to gain about quarter to half pound a week.
over time weight gain stalls then starts to drop
increase calories
stalls drop
increase calories
this cycle repeated several times
could be because the way i train
my thought is that as your training progresses you would lose body fat
maybe gain muscle
scale weight would probably drop
when you gain muscle calories required increases
as work preformed increases calories required increases
could be wrong

Yes if you train hard and build your work capacity/volume of assistance lifts and HIIT you can lean out/burn fat while keeping your calories up(with clean food).

Royal road to awesomeness actually

. Threads like Alphas logs and Bauer are a great example of this…