Rowing, Strength and All Round Athleticism

Comp was bit of a shocker, but at least I got back competing.

Felt slightly off on the day and just did not get hyped for the 12 minute.

Redeemed myself a little in the last event with a 1:24 average in the 1 minute sprint.

Anyways had a holiday after and refocusing now.

Short term:
Deadlift more than 200kg (hit 200 a few times this year, but have mental block there I need to get over)
Hit a sub 6.45 2k
Bench 100kg

Medium term:
Lose 15kg and get back in shape
Get back on the water for some sort of competition if I can find a club


A1: Sled Drag: 150/20m, 150/20m, 150/20m
A2: Sled Push: 150/20m, 150/20m, 150/20m
B: Squats: 60/5, 100/5, 110/5, 120/5
C1: Bench Press: 60/5, 70/5,:80/5
C2: DB Row: 30/5, 40/5, 40/5
D1: Prone Leg Curl: 35/12, 40/8, 45/6
D2: Hamstring mobility and stretching
E: Core Circuit: 1m ab wheel rollouts, 1m plank, 30s hollow rocks, 30s flutter kicks

Knee ok, more in tank other thank core which has really gone downhill, but I will get there

1 hour erg bike 209 watts per hour

Solid first day back in, food prep done too

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20 minutes bike 252 watts per hour

Not fast but back on it after sickness bug


8x500m sprints 2m rest at 1:45.1

Plenty more in tank, but strength coming back

Finished with a 300,200,100 sprint 45s rest hitting into 1:20s


48m bike to power station sufferfest video

Key bits of work ranged 275-340 watts per hour
Averaged 230 with warm up and rest intervals included

Much better today


45 minutes bike at 207 watts per hour


10 minutes bike at 327 watts per hour


2 x 20 minutes erg at 1:58.7 split r 20 2 minutes rest


Light session as I have slacked heavily on weights

A: Squats: 60/5, 70/5, 90/5, 90/5
B1: Bench Press: 60/6, 70/6, 70/6
B2: DB Row: 30/6, 30/6, 30/6

Quick and light, plenty more there, more just being careful not to have too much soreness


Interval erg
1km r16
1 minute rest on all averaged 1:41.2 split

Ok session


Fasting day
45 minutes bike 1:57.8 split. Happy with how easy this went on empty stomach


Sprint erg
100,200,300,200,100 1:15 rest
2.30 rest
250,500,750,500,250 1:30 rest
2:30 rest

Averaged 1:34.8 split. Starting to pick up pace again. Slowest interval was 750 which was done in 1:41.9 split

Couple of light sessions done on my week off in a basic garage gym on holiday

Now fully back on it!


60 minutes erg bike 1:59.7 split


A1: Sled Push: 150/20m, 150/20m, 150/20m
A2: Sled Drag: 150/20m, 150/20m, 150/20m
B: Squats: 60/5, 80/5, 100/5, 120/5
C1: Bench Press: 60/8, 70/8, 80/8
C2: DB Row: 30/8, 35/8, 40/8
D1: RDL: 40/6, 40/6
D2 Hamstring mobility and stretching

2x12 minutes on bike 291 watts per hour

Just as I was back on it COVID hit

At tail end now, so just no need to be down, just need to refocus


45 minutes bike 178 watts per hour

Steady and heart rate was ok if not a little higher than intensity normally would.

Airways feel clearer after, so just hoping all good tomorrow