Rice Flour Protein Shake?

[quote]IC3MAN wrote:
Another question:
Does my idea of getting half my carbs from starches during my back load make sense? I realize a lot of guys are getting a lot of their carbs from sugar, but I’ve never really thought that sugary carbs were as good as starchy carbs for building muscle… correct?[/quote]
I’m not 100% familiar with the exact CBL plan, but remember that it’s a particular nutrition plan designed a certain way on purpose. Double-check, but if the guy who designed it in the first place recommends sugary carbs for the loading period, I’d recommend going that route.

Also, in general, high GI foods and low GI foods don’t exactly maintain those qualities when you start combining foods (mixing carbs with protein and fats). You might want to check out the huge Carb Backloading thread to see what other guys are doing: