Rev Z with OmegaMan and Carbolin

What would be good timing to stack Rev-Z with Omega-Man and Cabolin 19? Currently going into my first cycle of Omega-Man and Carbolin 19 once they arrive later this week. I’m thinking I’ll take the Omega-Man/Carbolin 19 before bed.


For myself, I take Rev Z and Carbolin first thing in the morning, and OmegaMan before going to sleep.

No idea if that’s for the best, but it’s what I’ve been doing.

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Honestly, I don’t think there’s a wrong way to take any of them. They are all three highly absorbable, long-lasting forms of each ingredient.

Personally, I take Carbolin 19 and Omega-Man in the morning, and Rez-V at night. I am considering moving the Omega-Man to before bed, as I did do that from time to time with Alpha Male.

There’s no real reason why I take Rez-V at night; it just became part of the routine with Elitepro before bed.