Retaining Youth

I read somewhere of men injecting testosterone to retain there youth and slow down aging, would taking a supplement like Tribex or Alpha male have the same effect?

As men age, generally, their testosterone levels slowly drop with age. This has been associated with a host of age related issues.

Doing things like resistance training helps slow down or reverse some of these issues. Sometimes hormone replacement therapy is undertaken. Supplements that boost testosterone would be a more natural way to achieve this.

However, depending on your age you may want to consider some other issues before supplementation or replacement therapy. In particular, often, low testosterone is exacerbated by excess aromatization into estrogenic compounds. If this is happening to you, then boosting your testosterone may not have much of an effect – or at least not a good one.

Alternately, if you have prostate issues or hair loss issues, you’ll want to take these into account as well. If you don’t know if you do, you’ll want to have that check out first.

Generally, other supplements are available to compete with aromatization or estrogen recepters, or DHT receptors such that you can raise free testosterone levels without affecting these other “weak points” in the aging male endocrine system.

So to make a long story short, the answer is a qualified yes. Raising testosterone can alieviate some issues cause by aging. However, be sure to consider the whole picture and take into account any other related issues you may have before jumping into the hormone manipulation game.