Remove crease from jeans

So i come home today to find all my jeans lying on my bed, so i ask what’s up with that? It turns out my mom decided it would be a good idea to iron all my jeans with a crease down the middle of the legs. Arghh! I was wondering if any of you good people know of a way of getting the crease out? Or am i doomed to buying all new jeans? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Try putting your fruity pebbles on them. And remember to eat 3 squares with all the food groups represented!

lmao… geek!!! I was gonna answer but if you really don’t know I’m just gonna let you stew a bit…

LOL. I knew i was going to be ripped on for the post, but that damn crease is still there no matter how much i look at it. Lol.

Spray them pretty heavly with water and throw them in the dry. This is also a good way to take the wrinkles out of dress pants and shirts you are just to damn lazt to iron!

You ever think that maybe you could iron it out? I mean think about it…

crease + iron = smoothe


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brother, that’s how we get down here in houston. if you ain’t talkin bout havin your pants starched and creased, you aint talkin bout shit. i just got home from a bar [the tavern] with 1 waitress’ and one patron’s #, and it couldn’t have been nothin but the crease.

learn it, love it, live it.

Just wash them after school one day when Mom isn’t around and throw them in the dryer. The crease will be gone.

You used your first two posts on the finest muscle building site on the Internet to complain about your Mommy.

Bigger legs will remove the crease. Eat and Squat. Thanks for asking.

WhiteFlash—Enable Your PM and drop me a line…

Oh yeah and just do what Lucid said it works…

your only option is to get rid of all of them, preferably by incineration. Best of luck.

Thanks for the replies. I have tryed spraying them with water and throw them in the dryer, i have tryed washing them then putting them in the dryer and if i iron the crease out, the sides of the legs will just bend all funny and the crease comes back after one wash anyway’s. Looks as though i will have to buy new ones. Thanks for all your help anyways. :slight_smile: