Recommended Clen Dosages

Can anyone recommend standard dosages for Clenbuterol, specifically a liquid clen product (L-Clen) at 200 mcgs/ml?

I am aware of the pitfalls of starting too high so I want to start low and adjust, but I need a good starting point for 275lbs.

I never used more than 200mcg p/d and I tapered to that in the course of 10 days. Probably start with .25ml then work up slowly over 10 days. If you experience tremors drop your dose for a day or two then continue to climb, I always get over the tremors within 3 days.

1/8tsp = +/- .5mL = +/- 100mcg at a 200mcg/mL concentration from AG

it took exactly 10 drops to fill up a 1/8tsp measuring spoon so therefore 1 drop is roughly 10mcg.

The typical clen dosage is 80-120mcg per day. Some people can go higher like 200mcg/day some have a hard time with 80mcg. I would suggest starting with 3-6 drops and ramping that up at 1 drop per day. If you feel really wacked out then stay at that dosage until your body adjusts and then continue up in the same manner. Best method is to use it for 2 weeks then use ECA stack for 2 weeks, then repeat again. Just be sure to shake up the solution really well before using it, and push out all the contents of the dropper in between shakes.