Raising Low Testosterone Levels

Your DNA will determine how much you will benefit from TRT and how long it will take for full symptom resolution.

As for the aromatase inhibitor absolutely not, adjust your dosage as needed to get the desired effect.

You should also start TRT in isolation, HCG is most used for fertility and a minority of men need it on TRT for sexual function, wellbeing and libido.

Recovery of spermatogenesis following testosterone replacement therapy or anabolic-androgenic steroid use - PMC (nih.gov)

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Imo, that paper is must read for guys interested in trt.

Hello, once again!

Well, I began my TRT protocol two days ago: 100mg of Test E per week. Frequency of injections: once a week.

What to expect next few days?

When to arrange my blood exams?

Not much, it may take a few weeks to notice a difference. Others report immediate results, but I believe this is mostly placebo; it doesnt really matter which is true though.

2-3 months out, the latter being the better option.

This is a fine protocol, but if you feel unsatisfied at that 3 month marker, you might want to talk about upping your dosage. If you feel fine at that time, no need to change anything.

That’s difficult to say, there are many factors that determine how fast one responds to androgens, the most notable being gene CAG repeat lengths short/long.

A person with a short CAG repeat will respond very quickly, while someone with a long CAG repeat will take longer to show improvements.

It takes 4-6 weeks to reach a steady state.

Hello once again and thanks for your answers.

As I said in my previous message last Saturday had my first injection of Testosterone E at 100 mg and this Saturday I’ll have my second injection at same dosage.

Nevertheless, being really curious, today (a day before my second injection), I did a blood test to see how this drug works. Total Test came back at 594,8 ng/dl. So after a week of my first injection seems that levels remain high. Clinically feel no difference in relation to my pre-TRT status. I’ ll watch closely this drug and see what’ s going on.

Testosterone isn’t a drug, it’s a hormone. No drug can replicate testosterones effects on the body.

Don’t expect a huge difference in the way you feel.

You may get a little more energy, a little more libido. But keep expectations on the lower side i think.

But I hope in the long run to see some positive changes in the quality of my life.
That’s why I took the decision to get into TRT: To make things better and not to regret for my decision.
Nevermind, whatever will be, will be.

I had the same problem on weekly, twice weekly injections and started responding to TRT on daily and every other day protocols.

Hi i definitely agree that a lot of people come on this forum and take advice from people on here and we do t even know who they are. That’s one thing I don’t like about forums you have no idea who is on the other side.

Have a question though what has your experience been like on TRT for 7 years??

update: after 48h of my second injection today my diastolic pressure seems a little bit elevated (at 84 mm Hg). Usually I had values close to 70 mm Hg. Systolic pressure seems normal (at 125 mm Hg). I know that Trt affects blood pressure, but in my case seems only diastolic pressure to be affected.

Generally feel no other positive or negative difference.

I want to ask you the following: since before my second injection my testosterone level was at 594,8 ng/dl what will be the values now that I have injected 100 mg more? I was thinking that if every week my levels are elevating and I’m keeping on injecting 100mg every 7th day will my levels elevate out of range? In other words I was thinking if I should inject less frequently in order to avoid extra high levels of testerone in my blood?

There’s no great way to know this without testing after your new protocol; testosterone response is not linear.

Or you could reduce dose and increase frequency. You’re getting dialed in right now, try to stick with one protocol so you know your response to that one - then adjust from there. You should stick to this protocol for a good 8 weeks before changing, unless an urgent/health related need demands to change protocol.

I will consult with my doctor next days to see what’s going on since generally I feel no difference. In contrast, today my training was worse than my pre-TRT status. I felt tired and exhausted and had to stop after a while since I was really out of breath. Maybe my estrogen are getting high or maybe extra testosterone isn’t well tolerated by my body. Also feel no improvent in libido or psychology. Are all these normal?

Dude, you’re 2 shots in… it takes time to work (longer than this) and it’s not a magic pill. You should be feeling some relief after a few weeks, but it’s not a cure all… if you get shit sleep or have poor nutrition - you will still have bad training sessions.

I felt no different until about 4 weeks in and I pin daily.

You need to sit back and relax, your hormone levels are in flux and are not steady yet. Your body is going to go through an adjustment period every time you change your dose or start TRT for the first time.

Update: Blood exams a day before my third injection: total T came back at 432 ng/dl (lower in comparison with the level of my total T a day before my second injection, when it came back at 594,8 ng/dl), Estradiol at 16,67 pg/ml and SHBG at 33,4 nmol/L.
So, it seems that either my dosage needs to go up or my injections should become more frequent.
Clinically still feel no difference.
Furthermore, I need your opinion on following matter: today, when the nurse did the injection on my left upper gluteus a tiny amount of blood came out from the injection site. She reassured me that it’s ok, but I’ ve read that testosterone enanthate should not hit a vein and enter into bloodstream. Should I worry?

No, you shouldn’t worry.

Update: Almost a month on TRT and my blood results 4 days after my 4th injection are the following: Total testosterone at 688 ng/dl, LH at 0,1 mIU/ml and FSH at 0,3 mIU/ml.
Clinically still feel no difference!!! And that’s quite disappointing.
So I start thinking to try TRT for 3 months in total and if continue to feel the same I’ll quit.
One last question: As it is normal for a patient on TRT my LH and FSH are non-existent. Is it reversible after quitting TRT? I’m thinking of a PCT protocol in any case.