Questions Regarding Estrogen Level

[quote]pitshack wrote:
Hey guys, I’m new to these boards but have been lurking for some time. I have a few questions regarding estrogen levels and sex drive. But first, let me give you some stats.

Age: 40

Weight: 220

Height 5’ 10"

Training time: 5 years

I am currently 6 weeks into my first cycle ever. 500mg of sustanon weekly, divided into three shots taken on mon., wed. and fri. Total test befor cycle was 322, free test was 9.0, estradiol was 11.8. 5 weeks in, total test is 1198, free test is 47.8 and estradiol is 42.7. The estradiol was flagged as high. Now on to the question.

I suffered from low libido before the cycle. About two weeks in I suddenly became as horny as a teenager and was able to achieve rock hard erections, which was freaking awesome, both me and my wife were loving it! After about 4 weeks I noticed my libido start to wain a bit. I had a cold at the time so I just chalked it up to that. Now, six weeks in, my libido is probably worse than it was prior to the cycle and my erections are pretty pathetic to almost non-existant. Any ideas what is going on here?

I figured the elevated estradiol must be the culprit so I started taking nolva 20mg. a day 5 days ago and still nothing, although i understand these things take time and that nolva wont actually get rid of the estradiol but prevent its action.

So my questions are: Could it be from the estradiol? If so, will nolva remedy it, and if it does, how long before I am a horny teenager again? Should i start implementing arimidex instead of nolva? Any help would be awesome![/quote]

the nolva isn’t gonna do anything for you right now.

you need to lower your estrogen… either start A-dex or Aromasin.