Queen Cobra's Training Log


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History is fascinating.

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Sleep same may be
Calories 2,099kcal
carbs 271g fat 58g protein 126g
Rest day.

Sleep 23.00-6.45
Calories 2,723kcal
carbs 353g fat 90g protein 148g
I ate 50 g chocolate with hazelnuts and it was fine,
but 1.5-2 kg :watermelon: :watermelon: :watermelon:

Gym workout
super sets

1.ATG smith machine squat 4x8 + 15kg +
2. dumbbell shoulder press 4x10x(2x10kg)

3. lat pulldown 4x8x25 +
4. plate loaded seated upper chest press machine 2x8x(2x15kg) 2x8x(2x10kg) (my left hand and shoulder betrayed me)

5. ATG smith m,achine squats 4x8 +15kg +
6. lateral dumbbell raises 4x12x(2x5kg)

7. leg curls 4x12x15kg +
8. rear delt flyes machine 4x12

9. BW sissy squats 4x8 +
10. progression for dragon flag 4 sets

My quads are dead today!


Sleep 23.30-7.30
Calories 3,190kcal No comment here
carbs 269g fat 133g protein 178g
Rest day.

My legs hurt soooo much.

Sleep 23.15-7.15
Calories 2,191kcal
carbs 204g fat 70g protein 156g

For several years now the macros in the food are distributed like this:
25% protein
35% fat
40% carbohydrates

Gym workout
super sets

1. dumbbell shoulder press 4x8x(2x15kg) +
2. leg press 12x50kg 12x60kg 12x70kg 12x70kg

3. lat pulldown narrow grip 2x12x25/reverse grip 2x12x25 +
4. leg press 4x12x70kg

5. dumbbell shoulder press 4x12x(2x10kg) +
6. landmine RDL 4x12 +45kg

7.low row narrow grip 4x12x17,25 +
8. lateral raises with plates 4x12x(2x5kg)

9. triceps push down 4x12 +
10. squats with a dumbbell between legs 4x8x33kg

11. ab slider 4x12 +10kg added

Some landscapes in mountain area nearby


Sleep 23.30-7.15
Calories 2,210kcal
carbs 268g fat 63g protein 148g
Rest day.

Sleep 23.45 -7.15
carbs 306g fat 108g protein 188g
Too many food in general.

Gym workout
super sets

1. lat pulldown shoulder wide neutral grip 4x10x25 +
2. single arm kettlebell overhead press 4x10x10kg each side

3. deficit RDL 4x12x47,5kg+
4. low row narrow grip 4x12x17,25

5. deficit squat with a bar in hands 4x12x27,5kg +
6. incline dumbbell bench press 4x8x(2x15kg)

7. leg press 4x12x70kg+
8. leg raises on roman chair 4x12


Sleep 23.45 -7.15
Calories 1,910kcal
carbs 233g fat 49g protein 137g

Gym workout
super sets

1.upright row wide grip EZ-bar 4x12x18 kg+
2. alternating reverse lunges 4x24x22,5kg 12 reps each leg

3. lat pulldown narrow grip 4x10x25 +
4. triceps push down 4x12

5. leg extensions 4x12 +
6. leg curls 4x10x15kg

7. B-stance kettlebell RDL 4x10x(2x16kg) each leg
8. single arm lateral dumbbell raises leaning 4x12x5kg each arm

9. Inverted row 4x10+
10. Rear delt flyes machine 4x12

Architectural-historical reserve with traditional Bulgarian revival houses


I am not sure which I learn from more: your workouts, how they are set up, etc. Or your photos of Romanian and Bulgaria.

Continue both.

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Sleep 23.45 -6.15 oh, why
Calories 2,476kcal
carbs 230g fat 90g protein 190g
Rest day.

Sleep 22.30-8.30
I woke up 1-2 times, but still Amazing. I slept enough for the first time in months.
Calories 2,063kcal
carbs 203g fat 73g protein 146g

Gym workout
super sets

1. lat pulldown two handles 4x12x21,25+
2. incline dumbbell bench press 4x10x(2x15kg)

3. leg press 4x12x70kg+
4. single arm lateral dumbbell raises leaning 4x12x6kg

5. hip trusts 4x8x45kg+
6. lat push down standing 4x12

7. triceps push down with ropes on knees 4x12 +
8. biceps curls 4x10x17,5kg

9. leg extensions 4x12+
10. abductor machine 4x20-25+
11. ab slider side crunch 4x12 each side


So nice, thank you.
For the past few years, I’ve just been sharing workouts as part of a routine. If I haven’t logged the workouts in the diary, it’s as if I didn’t do it. If I haven’t logged my food in myfitnesspal, it’s like I haven’t eaten it.
On the other hand, I didn’t have time to share anything more until recently.
Now I think I can share more thoughts on training and nutrition, how and why.

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Sleep 23.30-7.30
Calories 2,200 kcal
carbs 250g fat 61g protein 162g
Rest day.

Sleep 23.00- 7.30
Calories 3,063kcal
carbs 339g fat 74g protein 194g

A whole bag of tortilla chips. (500+kcal /100g) Why? Just because it was on sale and I bought it :frowning: I don’t even like it.
Never again.

Gym workout
super sets

1. pull ups neutral grip 4x5 +
2. leg press 4x12x70kg

3. dumbbell shoulder press 12-12-10-10x(2x10kg) +
4. bulgarian split squats 4x7x(2x12,5kg) each leg

5. lat pull down 4x12x40kg +
6. lateral dumbbell raises 4x12x(2x6kg)

7. overhead triceps extensions with a plate 4x8x15kg +
8. dumbbell RDL 4x10x(2x22,5kg)

9. dragon flag progressions 4 sets


Interesting to know :smiling_face:

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Sleep 23.00-7.15
Calories 2,256kcal
carbs 268g fat 55g protein 178g
Rest day.

Sleep 23.00- 5.45 I woke up for WC and looked at the phone. So it was over.
Calories 1,990kcal
carbs 257g fat 46g protein 150g

Gym workout
super sets

1. deficit RDL 4x10x47,5kg +
2. dumbbell shoulder press 4x10x(2x10kg)

3. leg extensions 4x12 +
4. leg curls 4x10x15kg

5. lat pulldown 4x10x25 +
6. plate loaded seated chest press machine 4x10x15kg every arm

7. heel elevated dumbbell goblet squats 4x10x22,5kg+
8. triceps push down 4x12

9. low row narrow grip 4x12x35kg +
10. leg raises on parallel 4x12


Sleep 23.00- 7.15 Fine
Calories 1,970kcal
carbs 294g fat 53g protein 128g

Gym workout
super sets

1. lat pulldown shoulder wide neutral grip 4x10x25 + 4x8x17,75 drop sets +
2. leg press 4x12x70kg

3. incline dumbbell bench press 4x10x(2x15kg) +
4. alternating reverse lunges 4x16x27,5kg (8 reps each leg)

5. barbell bent over row parelel to floor 4x10x30kg +
6. lateral dumbbell raises 4x12x(2x6kg)

7. b-stance kettlebell RDL 4x10x(2x16kg) each leg +
8. push ups on kettlebell 4x8

9. dumbbell biceps curls 4x10x(2x8kg) +
10. triceps push down underhand grip 4x12


Sleep 23.45- 5.45 because of some annoying noise.
Calories 1,927kcal
carbs 220g fat 67g protein 117g
Rest day.

Sleep 23.15-6.15 I had to catch a bus.
Calories 1,926kcal
carbs 218g fat 84g protein 108g
Rest day. Walking. A holiday trip.

Sleep 23.15-6.30 fine
Calories 1,711kcal
carbs 254g fat 48g protein 80g
Rest day. Walking.

Sleep 23.30-7.30 Fine
Calories 2,220kcal
carbs 261g fat 72g protein 144g

Gym workout
super sets

1. pull ups reverse grip 4x5 +
2. alternating reverse lunges on smith machine 4x16 +10kg (8reps each leg) quite heavy

3. overhead press 4x8x22,5kg +
4. dumbbell RDL 4x10x(2x22,5kg)

5. lat push down 4x12 +
6. lateral cable raises leaning 4x12 each hand

7. leg extensions 4x12 +
8. leg curls 4x12x15kg

9. triceps push down 4x12 +
10. biceps curls 4x8x17,5kg


Sleep 22.00-7.00 Perfect.
Calories 2,221kcal
carbs 184g fat 92g protein 153g
Rest day.

Sleep 23.00- 7.15 I woke up couple times.
Calories 2,183kcal
carbs 247g fat 81g protein 112g
Rest day.

After work, I went to the dentist prophylactically. It turned out that I don’t have any problems and the examination took 10 minutes. Great! But I didn’t take gym clothes and it felt too hot to go back to the gym.
It’ s extremely hot in Bulgaria for the past two weeks, 39-40-42 degrees Celsius every day. :fire: :fire: :sunny:

Sleep 23.00-4.00 I woke up, it was too hot. may be 5.00-7.00
Calories 2,207kcal
carbs 223g fat 98g protein 110g

There were sweets in the office this week and I was tempted to have some. I tried to compensate with the calories from the other food

Today I was a passenger in a company car without air conditioning. I was going to die, it was over 40 degrees So I took it easy in the gym.

Gym workout
super sets

1. single arm kettlebell press bottom up 4x12x6kg each arm +
2. lat pulldown 4x12x40kg

3. leg press 4x12x70kg+
4. incline dumbbell bench press 10-10-8-8x(2x15kg)

5. lat push down on knees 4x12x21,25+
6. single arm lateral raises leaning 4x12x6kg each side

7. dumbbell RDL 4x10x(2x22,5kg) +
8. triceps push down 4x12x17,75

9. leg extensions 4x12+
10. ab slider 4x12 +7,5kg added

My favorite vegetable. I eat a tons of this.