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[quote]vancouvernewbie wrote:
6 feet tall, 178lbs with about 11% body fat (can see the hint of abs). Current lifts, not sure of 1rep max but, squat 195lbs 5x6 was fine, bench 3x5 with 175lbs, deadlift 275lbs 4x5. These numbers were all this/last week.[/quote]
Yeah, I was afraid of that. Have you had any injuries in the last few months or lapses where you skipped the gym?

Over a year ago, you were almost the same bodyweight and had almost the same maxes. What’ve you been up to, man?
“Weight 172lbs
BF% approx 13.5%

Current lifting:
Squat 240lbs 3x5, or 205lbs 5x5
Deadlift 225lbs 3x3 or 285lbs for 1
Beach 155lbs 5x5”

Not calling you out necessarily, just pointing out that in a very long time you’ve made very little progress. The most likely reason is diet. You’re simply not eating enough total calories (to gain muscular bodyweight) and/or enough quality protein (to gain muscular bodyweight).

Use this info to set up your approach to nutrition:

Can you get a little more specific on this?

Maybe it’s time to take a break from the 5x5. I don’t agree that it’s “stopped working”, but I think you might be done with it for now. You’ve been on it, sort of, for a pretty long time and it hasn’t clicked.

Give this a shot: