Pre-Workout for Field Hockey

Hi, I play field hockey which is essentially several bursts of intense balls out sprinting of 15 mins. All of my workouts focus on this type of exercise but I could do with a bit of a boost. There’s far too many articles on pre-workout to know which is best, any advice?

I’d have a Finibar before a game.

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Not sure I’d recommend something that intentionally increases your heart rate by ~10% before having to perform 15 minutes of hard cardio.

BUT if I were to recommend something to help you out performance-wise, it would be Surge Work Out Fuel. Not plugging because this site is the same as who makes the product, I’m recommending because it’s actually a great intra-workout nutrition/performance enhancer.

The Lemon flavor is my favorite, but both are good.


I play ice hockey, and my pre-game routine is Power Drive followed by Surge Workout Fuel sipped before and during.


Ding Ding Ding

Exactly why I prefer Power Drive*.

*sometimes caffeine-free Brain Candy, but mostly Power Drive

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Another vote for Surge.

What’s your gap on game day? Are you wearing out early, too lethargic, take too long to get rolling, etc? What are you currently doing in terms of eating and warming up?

Cheers for all your responses chaps, very helpful

Saying something unpopular but likely best answer: sildenafil 30 minutes before.