Prami Not Working - Test Prop/Npp Cycle

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A couple of things:

You are expecting a dopamine agent to be effective against estrogen when its role in some cycles with decca involed is to help control prolactin.

No mention of an anti estrogen/serm.

The test will be causing the gyno, regardeless of other compounds.

My suggestions:

With any cycle containing test, use nolvadex or anastrozle on cycle. I prefer anastrozle at 0.5eod.

Add in hcg at 250 iu x 2 per week

And finally… DO YOUR RESEARCH[/quote]

Nolvadex (a SERM) should never be thought of as interchangeable to anastrozole (an AI).

AI’s control aromatization, and SERMs prevent the binding of estrogen to the receptors.[/quote]

For on cycle gyno prevention they are most definitely interchangeable. Agreed they work in completely different ways, but both prevent gyno.

I use arimidex on cycle at 0.5 eod and nolva during PCT 40/40/20/20. Many people, including “shadow pro”, recommend and prefer nolvadex on cycle at 20mg ed but agree Arimidex can also be used on cycle. Results differ from person to person. I have yet to try nolva on cycle for gyno control as the theory behind an AI as opposed to a SERM makes more sense to me for the intended purpose. [/quote]

no, they are not interchangeable. if one correctly manages E2, then there is most likely not a need for an on-cycle SERM. however, if one gets on cycle gyno, then one is most likely need BOTH to correct the issue.

another reason why they are not interchangeable, is that SERMs actually raise total E2, whereas AI’s don’t.

as far as Shadow’s recommendations… no comment.[/quote]

Guess I am going to agree to disagree mate lol. At least we both agree AI is better on cycle and a SERM for PCT.