Planning 2nd Blast for Cutting

Ok so I have 6 weeks left on my current blast. Then I will cruise 12 weeks on just my TRT before starting my second blast. I am currently doing a bulk and would like my second blast to be for cutting but have no idea what I should take. Any info in the right direction would be awesome. Thanks guys

EQ is good for cutting as it wont impair cardio. No crazy sides either so good for a beginner, but you’ll want to bump up the test to around 400mg/pw since you might experience low E2 if you stay with your TRT dose. I’d start the EQ at 500-600mg per week and run for 16 weeks. Maybe throw in a little bit of anavar at the end for a few weeks to polish things off since you might get slight water retention from the test and EQ. There are plenty of other options but I’d stay away from winny, tren and clen

Perfect second blast cut:

That’s it. See how easy that is? It’s free!

Seriously, cut while you’re cruising. If your trt/cruise is dialed in right then you should be able to maintain almost all muscle mass during a cut. Use your second blast to build more size. Steroids are awesome at building muscle. Use them for that purpose. The exception is for those who compete, because that is obviously a very different thing than just using them for personal, aesthetic reasons.


I agree with this but… a nice cut cycle after a bulk cycle looks great in summer…
For 2nd cycle test prop & var pretty safe & lean hard gainz…its a nice cut if carbs low & protien high should get decent gainz
I like bulk cycles in winter & cut cycles in spring