Penile Sensitivity

Cialis does cause sensitivity issues for some. I feel pretty good taking it otherwise. Hands/feet are warmer and obviously super easy boners are nice but the sensitivity issue is an issue for me so I don’t take it anymore

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I’m on SSRI so I’m just glad to be just AF again. I haven’t seen a difference in sensitivity at any dose, except there is a period during protocol changes that things aren’t as great. But I have talked to dudes that last longer on t than before. I’ve heard this explained as increased serotonin.

I can skip a couple of doses of Cialis. But I need to be careful and try 1 change at a time or else I’ll never know what worked. Just like when I stopped dhea and lowered t dose at same time.

@dbossa you may find this interesting

I visited my uro who does my trt. I asked any updates on better protocol?
He said a very few guys have said they do daily. But most are still 1x or 2x a week. Interesting he mentioned daily though… Maybe it’s going to be the new protocol??? (Rhetorical question I know your take. Lol)

He also does not recommend dhea because it tend to convert to e2 more causing issues

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True… yeah I’d agree with either changing one thing at a time or going simple and stopping everything except T and add back from there. Either way will work eventually, usually.

Btw, Being I had great Sensitivity on Cialis most of the time on trt I would think that’s not my issue.

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The change of 20 mg per week seems small, are you taking an AI. Maybe the drop in t plus no dhea crashed your E. E2 is good for erections and sensitivity.

No ai. Never will take that again. It’s been 2 years since I took that poison.

I forget to mention my night time erections have become rare now.

How old are you?

43… Am a guy with a high libido btw.

If I had to take a guess, the DHEA you were taking was converting into too much estrogen and was throwing everything off.

My guess is on 120mg a week without the DHEA you will start feeling better.

My bigger guess is you’d probably do better bumping up your dose to something higher after that and it will help with sensitivity.

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Married? GF?

How much dhea are you taking?

I was taking 10 mg micronized. It put me in the upper range.


We seem to be similar responders. I have a sweet spot T dose in the low 100’s per week. I use dhea 5-10mg (and pregnenolone). High libido. Try the dhea sublingually. Otherwise I’d agree to go back to 120. And if you still have bloat then increase injection frequency before you try to lower your dose.

An going to gradually increase closer to 120 first. Then if all good there. Eventually test dheas again then maybe try dhea. And at 5mg. If I feel good I may be ok with dheas being low normal.

If still little sensation and no bloat with no dhea but at higher dose, may try dhea OR MAYBE lower dose to 90?? I’ll have to see before I go invasive and do more frequent injections.

Am not bad now. I had sex 3 times this weekend so far. Though sensation could make me feel better.

I do have labs I took on Thursday before I started increase my dose on Friday. Waiting for results.

Also from what I remember I was feeling better in the first few weeks on dhea then got symptoms.

For how long you are on TRT?

I lost penile sensitivity at week 4 i to starting. I added small doses of HCG and this is fixed.

Many people do not like HCG. Im experimenting now with DHEA for a few days but it causes my weaker errections and bad mood.

@dbossa if one were to experiment with ED injections, would you simply take your normal weekly dose divided by 7? Seems most people on ED injections are doing less that that formula would come out too… kicking around the idea of trying ED after I give this twice weekly long enough to make the call.

Just divide by 7. Some people say you can take less daily. I don’t see why you want to start using magical formulas that won’t apply to everyone. Just keep things super simple and divide by 7 if you want to do daily.

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Just remember you need to give yourself 2-3 months on every dosage change to be able to see how it actually effects you. Pick something and stick with it for 12 weeks and then make a decision. Gradual increases every 4-6 weeks just isn’t long enough to really base a conclusion on.