Pct: triptorelin + clomid + mk-677 + rad-140

I tried different ways of PCT, old school PCT, new school PCT, but the best PCT that i did ( blood test ++ , libido ++) without crash:

-After half-life of my products
-100mcg of triptorelin(day 1 to day 10), 1 shot day 1 , not every day…
-100mg of clomid ED(day 11-14)
-75mg of clomid ED(day 15-17)
-50mg of clomid ED(day18-31)
-30mg of Mk-677 before sleep (day 1 to 31)
-20mg of Rad-140 Every morning(day 1 to 31)

My friend done the same thing , but he begun with clomid and finish with triptorelin, a good result too

Rm after 12 weeks of pct :

  • Deadlift 585lb
  • Squat 495lb
  • Bench 425lb

Measurements after 12 weeks of pct :
-17%(-5% of BF)

I think Mk-677 and Rad-140 play a big role,
++fat lost
++increase strength

So, that’s my experience with triptorelin + clomid + mk-677 + rad-140,