PCT Suggestions?

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I’m going for an 8 week cycle of deca (300mg/week) and test eth. i just had my 1st injection last thursday

my question is how many mgs of nolvadex should i take during the cycle and how much of clomid after? [/quote]

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You will require an AI from first injection, which you have missed. Not nolvadex which is a SERM. AI= Aromatase inhibitor. It prevents the aromatase enzyme from acting on testosterone and turning the test into estrogen, and possibly giving you man boobs and lessening the effect of the steroid. Wasting your gear and your time.

SERM= Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulator. These chemicals act on your estrogen receptors, not estrogen itself. SERMs prevent estrogen from exerting their cellular effects.

You use the SERM in the event you feel grains of rice sized tissue underneath your nipples, or if they become puffy and itchy or more sensitive then what you have noticed before. You also use a SERM during PCT.

Some of these are from the TRT forum and they are required reading:


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