I have read the book and you are absolutely correct–great read. I love reading about my topic of study–but what i find to be the most interesting is to take the statistical methodology i learned in psych research and apply them to bodybuilding data (my nutritional data that I track very very strictly–I even rate my physical appearance on a Likert scale so i can mess around with MLR techiniques to see what macronutrient profile best predicts my “ultimate physique”)

If only I had know this stuff when i was playing hockey and could have applied it there–oh yeah, and btw, maybe in finding a perfect* T-Vixen who knows what she wants, is grown up, and doesn’t play mind games or find my “intensity” to be *intimidating.
Later Playaz

Great topic Vain.

I’m most passionate about my fiancee, but I also really enjoy discussing/debating ideas with intelligent people, reading, politics, food/wine, travel, and sometimes just the little details of life (moreso when my fiancee or someone else I care about is there to share the observation/experience).

I’m also passionate about helping others whom I respect and care about reach their respective goals and potentials.

Well, I write, mostly short stores and books (working on a horror one as we speak). I also enjoy amateur theater acting, and debating (Im in a team). I did modern dancing earlier, but never had the will to keep it up.

Unfortunately we very rarely get pups. Most often we get 1-2 year olds. Having said that these are often the best dogs to get from shelters or rescues. Usually thee people will know if the’re human aggressive or not. In fact most places will euthenize them if they are immediately. If you get a pit, just don’t let her play with other dogs, even if she does seem to like them. With my three pits they have to be seperated when nobody’s home, just in case. They love each other, but anything that exites them can trigger a fight. Last week a squirrel in the trees got them exited and my 70lb. male(magnus) and 60lb female(abby) just turned to each other and went at it. We were able to break it up quickly, but not before abby cut magnus for 8 stiches. (she’s a badass) An hour later after a trip to the vet, abby was licking Magnus’ wound while they cuddled on the couch. Michelle, what part of the country are you from? If you do decide to get a dog, I can probably direct you to a good rescue. Check out the badrap website. I’m not sure what the actual website addy is, but if you type bad rap into the search engine you will find it. They have some great pittie pics and great info. I’m just assuming your interested in pits as I remeber you posting about having one before. Good luck

3LT, thanks for the props as always—Seeing as you are into wine etc. I was wondering if you have ever done a tour of the NAPA valley out in Cali?..i just got back from San Fran and did that with a friend while i was out there–don’t have much interest in wine, but he does, and I wanted to see what it was all about–amazing to see how they make that stuff–went to Mon Davi and Cakebread Wineries (sp?)–it was cool

BTW, haven’t forgot about the GRE’s…when you do go to Boston let me know, i will def. get in touch–just real busy right now…most likely over the summer will be my ideal time to study.


We’ve got some killer Pinots here in Oregon. If you ever get the chance to come to Oregon, definitely take a winery tour. The Internationl Pinot festival is coming up this summer, I hope I get to volunteer, all the pinot you can handle.

We’ve got some great ice wine and reislings among other whites, up here in the Niagra Peninsula of Ontario Canada. For some reason they don’t produce to many good reds though. There are a few decent merlots, but few good pinot noirs, syrahs(shiraz for you Americans and Aussies) or cabernet sauvignons. They make a wine here called a baco noir which I think is part pinot noir and part local variety, which has apparently done quite well in wine competitions, but the two bottles from two good wineries that I tried tasted like dog piss. I would love to do a tour of Napa and other Cally wine regions aswell as the pinot Noir wineries of Oregon. Maybe I’ll make it a new world wine tour and go to Australia, South America and South Africa aswell. Then I’ll go for the old world wines and head off to the wine regions of france, Italy and Spain. Ya , in my dreams or after I win the lottery. a fella can dream can’t he?

It’s probably a little to cold for the red varieties. Oregon is perfect for Pinot noir, but not for the heartier reds, although the further south you go the better they get. Cabernet and Shiraz need that hot, dry climate.
One of these days I am going to have my chef hook me up with an internship in france, but not till I can afford to be a slave for a few weeks.

River fishing in southern Oregon…I reach a level of peace I’ve never found in anything else. Teaching kids to fish is another one. Photography is awesome due to the fact you seek the best and most beautiful view or perspective of the world around you.Try it!!!

What river are you fishing, the Rogue? I grew up fishing the Alsea and the Santiam. Are you still in OR. Where abouts?

Boobies,…I am VERY passionate about boobies!!!:wink: Oh, and weights too.

I’m gonna pass that book onto Ko’s brother, who’s a ER doctor. I don’t think he’s read it yet.

I'm a optimistic gal, and I believe you'll find your *Vixen* - someone who will appreciate you and the passion that you apply to your career and your "vocational activities". I believe everyone has their "soul-mate" out there - I found mine.

Patsy, Thanks for the good karma…Ironic at this time, because I am PISSED right now–I used to be a research analyst for the CInstitute where I went to undergrad—contract runs out last Feb, and they don’t renew–That is not what urks me—apparently, the girl they hired full time (and the secretary) seem to be talking dirt that I am all into Criminal Sexual Deviance and am “weird”…Now, being a research analyst and into criminal sexual psychology, I am very intesnse about it, and like to read and understand every facet of the topic (just like bb’ing) but what pisses me off, is that some people can’t see through intensity, and see the drive behind it…apparently to this new girl (a master’s student at the school who i haven’t said but two words too) said i was “bizzarre” and so “into sexual criminality”…f***** nearsighted lazy ass people that get all tweeked out if somebody is passionate about something—when i heard she said this yesterday i was like fired up==what the F****!
Later Vain
PS: i am just venting—it really urks me when you have ass-kissing non-passionate needle pinchers that talk shit (and they busted up too)…its all i can do not to say something back

I wake up every morning with the hope that “This will be the day I finally get up enough courage to commit seppuku.”

I have done the Napa tour, but only a 1-day whirlwind affair when I was up there to attend a wedding. Mondavi makes some very good stuff – I haven’t tried the other. When I was up there I actually tried to go to some of the lesser known places to avoid crowds and thus get as many wineries into the day as possible.

Oregon does make some good pinots – definitely different in character than either the Sonoma/Napa pinots or the French Burgundies. I find the Oregon Pinots have more forward fruit, and are usually my choice for apertifs. I really need to get up to the Willmette (sp?) Valley in OR and the Columbia Valley in WA and check out the wineries up there.

Ko – When is that OR pinot festival? I’d love to try to get to it if it’s after the Bar exam is given out in MA.

Vain – Just put a shout out on here when you’re ready to get with the GRE studying and we’ll get busy on rippin’ that thing up.

As to the Chronicles of Narnia, I read that whole series as a kid, as well as the Lord of the Rings – both very good. Haven’t read the Harry Potter books or seen the movie though, so I don’t know how much they borrowed from those previously mentioned classics. Out.

Knife throwing, martial arts, strongman competitions, and my favorite are sex and Woman.

I believe that its the first weekkend in August, the website is not up yet. Tickets go fast and I can’t remember the price. Its called the “International Pinot Noir
Celebration”. Should be a great time.