Overcoming Isometric Contraction

Overcoming Isometrics (push/pull against immovable object) is great way to get strength at specific angle and trought whole range of motion, cause PAP (postactivation potentiation effect) which improve preformance for certain time.

I did 10 max efforts of duration 10 seconds
Seated 90° ankle position (Soleus muscle)

As you can see in pictures every effort is done at 80% to 100% of MVIC with 3 minutes rest between for ATP PC replenishment. One study shows that all HTMU in soleus are activated at 90%+ of MVIC up to 100% is about neural strength MU syncronization, firing rate…

Does anybody have expirience with overcoming isometrics and can it be used for hypertrophy (mechanical tension and duration is matched) or doesn’t work for that?

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This is in the wrong forum.

Cool graphs!

It was interesting to watch you get “better” at getting to max force quickly over the first few sets.

Then get tired and produce less and less force and take longer and longer to get to max force as you did more and more sets.

I Think if you’re trying to get bigger muscles you’d want the isometric to be in the stretched position.

Just tested for soleus muscle i did warm up set before, 90 sec. is max recomended by people who use isometricwith there athlets for years like Alex Natera, Danny Loom and others. Force must drop doe to ftigue but it is in 80 to 90% for 100 sec and you cant do that with dynamic lifting for strength. I dont trying to get bigger whith isometric only exploring ways how works types of effort durations transfer to dynmic lift, one vs multiple position results, mimic compoumd lifts…
When done at long length produce better results in hypertrophy ( small amount can produce), strength and transfers to grater part of Rom then when its done at short lengths, sory that transfers at angle of 15° is funny. I wanted to see is there somebody using it.

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Some people here are doing intra set and post set stretches, so kinda like Yielding Isometrics and Quasi Isometrics. That shit is trendy right now.

And a few guys on the internet are using overcoming isos for performance in the bench press.

Do you have link of those who preforme bench press?
I did Straight Leg Deficit (start 10cm of ground) deadlift with snatch grip, going up by 5 cm every point all to lockout, 14 poins done by 2 max effort of 5 seconds and my isometric strength went up by 19 kg in spots (it varises) for now didnt test dynmic lift yet.

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Thanks good stuff!