Options That Least Impact Hair Loss?

Yes, 1 mg for hair loss, 5 for benign prostate hyperplasia. Studies suggest that 0.04 mg can lower DHT as much as 1 mg. So 1 mg might even be too much. But could be that that is not the same in the target tissue.

Regarding the mechanisms of PFS I’ll link this:


Which is in short this picture from the study:

So there’s not only neurosteroid synthesis which is being altered, but also epigenetic changes are made, which could explain why the effects don’t subside with stopping of the therapy.

It’s relatively rare but the question is if ones willing to take the risk and for what gain. If you use it 1 year, the reward is not that high and you’ll probably experience some sides which will make you stop. But if you get PFS, you’re fucked.

I don’t know if cases are reversible but what I know is that in my country everything is so strictly regulated that doctors don’t try as much as in the US. So if there was a cure they for sure wouldn’t find it. I guess that’s the case for most European countries so the guys who have it must find their own way out or take antidepressants, which have sexual dysfunction as a side effect. That’s probably the reason why no one has a solution because the sample size is small and a lot of them are not being treated. I wouldn’t bet on it being 100% reversible though.