On TRT, Thinking of Using More

Ive been on t therapy for 8 years now (started at 38). I was on Androgel for 7 years and switched to Enanthate a year ago. I have been training the Mike Mentzer HIT way for a year and a half…high intensity to failure…3 workouts, 1 day on 3 days off – full body workout every 12 days. Lots of multi-joint movements like dead lifts, squats and bench…pre-exhaust the big muscle first with isolation…then the big lifts. I am 6’2" and when I started the t therapy i was 165lbs. Training on and off while on the Androgel, I got up to 185lbs and had a smooth six-pack . In one year on the enanthate I’m up to 220lbs…with a very smooth 6-pack. I am really hdappy with my gains considering that I was 128lbs at 6’2" in college. Im an ectomorph with 6.5" wrists. Long winded…sorry…here’s my question, will increasing my enenthate from 200 mg a week to 600mg a week over 4-5 months net me any long-term gains when I return back to the therapeutic dose of 200mg a week (for the rest of my life)? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. (My apologies for any typos…I’m texting from my phone and cant see what im typing. )

This is called blast and cruse by the BB guys.

You need to be watching your E2 levels and be using anastrozole/Arimidex as needed.

In the 2nd post of the sticky thread in this forum, you will find links to essential reading.
Start with advice for new guys then read protocol for injections.

We have no expectation that your TRT is been done well. Post protocol details and labs with ranges.