On Test E, Have Big Knots in Butt

Hey im 36 yo i was taking test cyp 250 for 8 weeks at 500mg every 7 to 8 days. Now that ive switched to enathate i got thia huge lump on my left check thats gotten bigger its been 5 days since i got it in my glute its gotten worse. Im just concerned because i have alot of fat on my ass and im worried i didnt penetrate my muscle but got it in the fat i know its made for intramuscular what should i do

How long of a needle did you use? Whatā€™s the carrier oil?

Ouch manā€¦ is it warm to the touch?

The needle was an inch and a half . as far as the oil i do not know . but the weird thing to me was it got worse in 4 days

The brand was ugo

Yea it is

If it get puffy and red and its warm to the touch, you gotta start thinking about seeing a doc. Just drop into
An urgent care where nobody knows you and let the doc know exactly what happened. They are there to help at that point, not get you in trouble.

Hey man thanks for the response its notred though . i just woke up and its so much smaller but my lower back feels so bad . i sneeze and im crying . im gonna do the urgent care later today any way like you said

One more question do you think even if it went into my fatty tissue that it still got in my bloodstream or is it wasted?. The searches ive done have yet to give me a definitive answer if its wasted its alright im not worried about the money but more to ease my curiousity

If your lower back is hurting, where exactly did you pin your glute? Google flute injection and make sure youh didnt get into the the middle are of your buttcheek. The closer to the sciatic nerve, the more dangerous. You should pin your upper outer quadrant

I do the outer quadrant this is just a gym injury. I thought i might have but this has been happening since before the gear

If you have more fat then an inch and a half needle can get thru on your ass you probably should leave steroid alone and look into the subway diet.