Nutrition on a Cycle. Is Simultaneous Muscle Gain/Fatloss Possible?

Okay so I’ve done both bulking and cutting with relative success while being on a cycle, but this time i wanna try something different. I’m on 100mg tren/prop and 75mg masteron EOD for 12 weeks (11 more weeks left gonna add 50mg winstrol daily when 6 weeks remain aswell) my weight is 86 kg at around 12-15% bf. I don’t wanna go on a pure cutting diet since I kinda want to add some muscle mass along the way not just preserve the current one and I also wanna get that harder dryer look at around 10% bodyfat.

So I’d like to hear the inputs from more experienced lifters on how to properly do it. Currently im going with a 250g protein 160 carbs (only after workout) and 80g fat diet. How much calories should i be consuming? What macro distribution?

To answer your question: Absolutely.

You’re on close to a gram of gear, not including the oral. Don’t eat like shit and do some cardio and you’ll be fine.