Noob Planning Way Ahead for 1st/2nd Cycle

how fast are you?

i was a decent FB player in HS, and had several friends that played in college. only one was fast enough to play RB (and he had a legit 4.4 40). however, most of them were 185-210, or so.

IMO, if you think that you’ve got the speed and you were a good enough player in HS, i’d focus more on foot-speed and stuff like that. obviously any weight you gain is gonna change how quick you are on your feet, and your cutting ability, etc…

while higher doses of test/AAS are gonna obviously add more muscle, i’d suggest slightly lower doses, like 300 mg or so a week, at least for a first cycle. let me be clear: this is solely so you can develop more speed and strength without gaining too much muscle that it detracts from your speed, cooridination, etc…

the other concern is this: you’re not gonna be able to retain all the muscle you gain from the cycles… depending on your metabolism, you might keep most of it, or hardly any (especially if you try to “cut” in the spring). you might need to do 4 cycles in this time frame to get where you want…

another question i have, is this gonna be a D1 school, or a school that does drug tests?

i’ve dabbled with Ostarine, and wasn’t all that impressed. there’s a mild anabolic effect, but it still causes some mild HPTA suppression, so i’d reccomend a PCT if you do use it, or maybe use it with test or other anabolics.

anyway, with all that said, here’s what i’d suggest:

Week 1-8
Test enanthate/cyp: 300 mg (150 mg 2x/wk)
HCG-500 IU
Arimidex-.25 mg EOD (and adjust accordingly)

Week 9
HCG-500 IU
Arimidex-.25 mg EOD (and adjust accordingly)

Week 10
Arimidex-.25 mg EOD (and adjust accordingly)

Week 11-16
Nolvedex-20 mg/night