No Libido. What Should my Next Move Be?

Hey guys!

So ive been on 85mg 2x per week for 10 weeks now. Before i was on 80mg 2x per week and had no night or morning wood. Also no libido. I feel pretty good now on the 85mg x2. And occasionally i have some strong night and morning wood. But my libido is still completely dead!
I have literally zero interest in sex!
My labs after 8 weeks on 170mg:
1100ng/dl TT
31ng/dl FT
SHBG was 24
And E2 was 80 (ref 11.3 - 43.2)

So what is my next move?

Pls dont tell me “ask your doctor”.
Here in Europe doctors are clueless about trt. Im very lucky to have found a doctor whos willing to write prescriptions for me. But im on my own for dialing in.


From the limited knowledge we have about you it’s likely one or two things.

  1. Its not hormone related. Sounds like you have a fine ability to get erections nocturnally so this could be mental / lifestyle.
  2. Your E2 is fairly high, but then again so is your TT/FT. Your options for that are lowering dose or adding a small amount of AI to each injection.

Your likely going to jump to the AI, but I think that’s the lesser likely culprit.

Are you getting enough vitamin D in your diet due to lack of sunshine in the EU? Vitamin D has been shown to affect dopamine and increases in dopamine → increases libido.

I have personally found TRT doesn’t work very well when iron, ferritin and iron saturation are low.

How old are you? Why are you on TRT? Did you go through a lifestyle/diet change prior to trying TRT?

@systemlord i take 8000iu daily of vit d3 for almost 6 months now. Tried iron supplementation for couple of month but i stopped taking the iron.

@Alrightmiami19c im 32. Im on trt because i abused AAS when i was younger. Is still train 3-4 times a week so diet and lifestyle is on point. Im already couple of years on trt with little to no succes. Had some small windows were everything was good but every single time it fades.

Diet, lifestyle, stress, exercise, sleep, body fat levels ect. are the biggest contributors to a healthy libido with optimised hormones being foundational to said factors (DHEA and Pregnenalone deficiencies can also be checked for as well as thyroid/iron/vitamin D ect.).

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It’s not uncommon to see lower ferritin in men on T replacement. My ferritin is lowered from 128 ->24 on TRT. Stopping TRT sees it recover.

Why did you start let alone stop taking iron supplement?

What was prolactin? For me, that would be too high estradiol, and would increase my PRL a lot, killing my libido.


The most important question here is DID YOU HAVE libido prior to starting TRT?

That’s your starting point.


@swoops39 prl was 14.8

@roscoe88 well i was on gear from around 20 y o and then switched over to trt.
But yes before AAS my libido was awesome!
Over the years of AAS use my libido started declining. Never was able to get it back…

I’m not surprised, because excessive hormonal signaling can lead to damaged. Your libido may or may not return.

Libido can be a finicky thing, especially on hormone replacement. Maybe try smaller more frequent dosing.

Elevated but not horrible … could have some impact on libido and/or erections

What would happen to your libido if you came off all anabolics? Do you think it would return?

I did that for 2 years. Did a pct including hcg, nolvadex and clomid and after that i took nothing for 2 years. After 2 years i did bloodwork and TT was 290ish. Libido was also dead. I do have the strange thing and i see a lot of people experience this, is that when i skip a few injections i have a window were libido is good. This happens after 10-12 days after last injections.


I have that same thing… the libido happening after stopping, but it’s too short lived.

A LOT of men are struggling to find libido. It’s horrible.


Yes its horrible indeed! Are u on trt right now?

I would also add that sometimes that dropping the T for a few doses and then re introducing a hefty dose all at once also helped libido.

Makes me think there is something to prop.

All this super steady level nonsense never worked for me ever and made me feel like garbage.


Are you using prop for trt?

Sounds simple but…Have you tried porn?

Self honesty time: Is it no libido with your partner or no libido even by yourself?


Yes, i’m on TRT.

I haven’t had much sex drive since early 20s. I tested low T, and thought it would be the reason, but i’m still not able to fix it. Been on trt about 5 years and tried all protocols.

Theres something else going on. But its the worst. Can’t really have long term relationships with women.

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