Night Time and Morning Wood

Yes. Since I stopped cialis a few days ago, I took 40mg viagra and actually was super hard and maintained well during intercourse this evening.

You may find interesting that since switching metoprolol to the AM I actually can fall asleep without melatonin. Though when I get up to piss have trouble going back to sleep. I read that metoprolol can inhibit melatonin production.

I also take 4mg candesartan before bed. I take allopurinol and metformin. I take Metformin for reported benefits and slight insulin resistance I had. I take allopurinol for high urinary uric acid.

I agree and really do not want to stop the beta blocker. I also agree that if using a ped5 does the trick no need to stop BB.
I will probably start daily cialis since I have unplanned sex and have sex more than 2x a week. Yippee!

However, before I start daily cialis I was thinking too increase my dose to 140 to see if my erections are better with no pde5s. Not sure if it’s worth my time to do this experiment though. You can see my labs at 120 and 140 here

I did stop porn and edging and I did flat line. I may restart fapping when needed but with no porn. I was literally edging for 1-2 hours a day. Awful.
I did not have sex for a week either. So I stopped porn, orgasam, sex for a week. I restarted sex. Just will not restart porn since that seemed to be my issue.