Hell yeah it was heartbreaking to lose Vick…I was at the game and was sick after he went down. However, losing Vick showed the holes in the O-Line and Defense. Here’s to a great draft and a great season for the Falcons.

I cant beleive it.

I think the Lions might actually want to win a game or to this year the way they are drafting.

Also looks like the damn Pats are going to be even tougher to beat this year!

I’m curious to see how Eli does in his pro debut, personally I hope he flops.

I really wanna see DeAngelo Hall play. He was clocked faster than Vick in the 40 back at VT but I never really caught too many games on TV. Anything to help Atl’s horrible D last year.

Who do you guys faired best in the draft? I think Detroit is gonna have a ridiculous year offensively with their new found weapons.

I know I am slightly biased, but I really do feel the Lions had the best draft. Even Clayton and Kiper at ESPN think so. Not only did they manage two high class weapons in the first round in Willions, and Jones, but they just got Kelly Butler OL in the sixth round. He was projected to be taken third round. He slipped because of character issues, but I think that hardly ever comes into play. I don’t know anyone that wouldn’t want Terrel Owens and his character issues playing for them.

I am at a loss for words.
Ever since I was a kid, the Giants were the quietest, least-flashiest team in the league. 3 yards and a cloud of dust offense, killer D, ball-control, low scoring offense…and they never, ever made trades and never even had flashy offensive players.

Now, the Giants made a deal for the #1 pick? WTF? Is this the team that was once managed by George “Most boring GM in the NFL” Young (RIP) ?

They just drafted the hottest QB prospect?

THis from the team that drafted Dave f’n Brown?

The funniest thing, IMO, is that the Giants FINALLY made a trade, FINALLY made a deal for a high-impact player…

while at the same time having the best offense in team history!

-Collins, a 4000 yard QB

-Barber, a 1200 yd, 50 catch electrifying running back,

-Shockey, arguably the best TE in the game, along w/ GOnzalez

-Toomer, Pro Bowl WR

-Hilliard, 1000+ yd possession receiver

I’m not complaining, but why couldn’t they do these manuevers 10 yrs ago, when they stunk?

Lions are definitely coming out on top this year, as far as the draft is concerned.

They have a new found commitment to winning now that Millen is in the front office. Their training facility is amazing, (Jones even said that that was a contributing factor to him wanting to go there) and for those who haven’t visited Ford Field, you really need to take the $5 tour and see what that stadium has to offer.

The Lions are the Lions, I’m confident that things will be better for them this year, but injuries other prolems have hindered them in the past.

The Chargers came out with some strong picks as well. I like Rivers, I know of the kicker that they chose, kid is a stud horse when it comes to having a golden toe.

I like the Direction that the Bills went in this year too, especially with Rossman. He’s a very similar type QB with a bit of an additude, probably most similar to Favre than the others that have come out in the past few years.

“sports sports sports sports sports”
-Homer Simpson