Newbie Diet Help

Hey everyone. I’m Steve and I’m new here. I came over here from massmonsters, another forum full of useful information. i come here with a question and i will be short and to the point.
my current stats are:

i have been working out for a year and my physique has changed drastically. i need help with my diet because today in the gym i was very disapointed in the midsection. no definition and no sculpt.

my everyday eatin habits would be:

3 whole wheat/whole oat pancakes with light syrup and little bit of butter
4 eggwhites/1 whole egg

Snack 1:
1 cup of yogurt

spinach salad with 8-10oz of chicken with cucumbers and a dash of caesar dressing

Snack 2:
1 can of tunafish

slice of whole wheat with peanut butter


Post-Workout Shake (1 scoop ON 100% Whey with milk)

Dinner: chicken or steak with vegetables

i know i probably have 400 things wrong here and thats why i come to you for advice. please help me get on the right path.

thank you

I have to say the best starting point any of can give you is all in print here in this web site. Read these articles I link to you and then you will have a basic knowledge of what many of us practice. Then come on back with specific questions on these and we can all chime in giving are specific opinion/tweeks to the very same that have worked for US.

7 Habit

Foods That Make You Look Good Nekid
The Carbohydrate Roundtable, Part 1&2

Fat Roundtable I&II

Massive Eating

T Dawg 2

Also add into these the protien roundtables and any/everything you can find by JB, LL, and the others.

For the most part your diet looks good. Good amount of meals and food choices for the most part. When Surge returns give it a try. Post w/o nutrition is a MUST.

The other thing that will help us is your K/cal and macro intake. You tell us the what’s but not the how much. This will help greatly in addressing your concerns. I really don’t know if the chicken you are eating is a childs portion or that which would scare off a hungry bear.

So. A little self education. Some more info. AS MUCH as you are able to give. Then come on back.

Oh, and welcome to the best damn forumn on the web.

Hope this helps,

Welcome to the Nation.

You said your physique has changed drastically. Changed - in a good way, or bad? If you were 28% BF and now ur 20%, keep doin’ what you are doing. Your meal frequency looks good, for the most part, your choices look good. I know you are new here, but as soon as Surge (post-workout drink) is available again, order about 10 tubs of it. You could skip that PB plus bread snack before your workouts. (BTW, natural PB or regular?) Once again, I don’t know if you’re drastic change is change for the good, or bad. If you’ve changed in a way ur not happy w/, make sure you are consistant w/ your diet…day in, day out.
Add some fish oils in there, some fruits, a lot of water, and I think ur on your way.


Thanks everyone for responding. Im sorry I didn’t post the exact measurments. I will measure them this week and post them up if that helps.

As far as my drastic change, I never joined a gym before last year. My 1 year anniversary just came up and I see a big difference in muscle bulk and mass. I never had my BF checked before the gym so when I check it 2 months ago i was about 20-21%. This was a drop from whatever high number that I was. Being that I had no previous muscle building experience, I think its safe to say it was in the high 25-26% area. I get so confused bny all this information out there and as im reading the articles posted, Im laughing because it is 100% true. People have different standpoints and its hard to judge based on that. Well with that being said, thanks again for the responses and I will try to come back with as much information as possible to help you guys get to know me better. I look foward to being apart of this board. Have a good weekend!