New to Site Looking for Guidance

Hey everyone I’m new to the website but I’ve been reading forums and getting answers to my fitness Q’s for a couple years now from here.

I honestly have NO idea how to go about this so I figure might as well just be honest and put it all out there and see what happens, hopefully you guys will respect the honesty at least, if not get a chuckle out of my noobness.

I’m 31 years old, got a wife and couple kids, been working out since I joined the Army in 2004. I stayed fit and in pretty good shape throughout my military career, but in 2006 I was hit by a large explosion in Bahgdad and sustained some injuries to my back. I finished up my contract and in 2008 I went home and dedicated myself to strengthening my back, and correcting posture. After that I started lifting heavier, and then my Dr took a look at everything and said I was ok to lift however I wanted. My diet cleaned up and I started a good 2 years worth of hard work and clean diet, and I love the results. Now I think I’m ready to try and get a little more serious about nutrition and supplements, and this is where I know almost nothing about what I’m getting into. I’d like to put on some size, and really lean out ALOT. I’m 6’2" and 213lbs as of yesterday, but I’d guess my BF is somewhere around 16%.

I’ve read about Anavar and how safe it is and has relatively low sides so it something I’m definitely interested in. I’ve also read that no cycle is complete without a Test base, maybe some of you guys can shed some light on that for me. I’m not worried about spending a little money, I’m just worried about wasting money on bunk gear. I’d also like to be able to continue to have sex with my smokin hott Wife during and after my cycle, and you guys are the pros so please walk me through it and show me the right way to go about this, I’m a good listener and humble enough to just stfu and listen to advice.

Well there it is lol I hope I wasn’t to forward about it or break any rules. I’m new to this so bear with me :slight_smile: I appreciate any help I can get


Welcome man, glad to hear you recovered well from that mess. One thing as far as rules and/or courtesy on here, don’t ask or expect anyone to hook you up with a source. Look around at alot of forums besides this one and you will eventually be able to find a source that is legit. Next I would advise is check the newbie cycle stickies as well as start checking out the Shadow Pro q&a threads. Steroids are something that should be taken very seriously, as they can have far greater repercussions if abused than just overdosing a new preworkout or something basic.

As far as using Test, it is recommended to be the base of pretty much any cycle, especially newbie ones, because any steroid will shut you down, from low sides/ low potency anavar all the way up to the strong stuff like tren but if you are not introducing excess test into your system while shutting it down, you can feel like shit and even end up with some pretty nasty complications. If you intend to run something like var then even moreso you should include test simply because by itself, anavar is fairly weak and probably wont show much appreciable benefit over plain old eating/sleeping/lifting right…plus it will still shut you down.

I will touch on a couple more things since they are still basics, since there are plenty on here that are waaaayyyy more knowledgeable than me. For your cycle overall, make sure you have everything you need before starting, if you decide to start without a key accessory like your AI you may end up running into the problems it prevents, before you can take it. If you are running something basic like test and anavar I wouldn’t feat about the sex life. As you read no here alot, and from my very basic experience, a cycle like that will probably have you thinking you’re 16 again, with all the rounds you’ll be ready to go. Lastly, and some of the other guys will probably chime in on this too, try cutting your bf a bit more too beforehand, 16% isn’t some horrible thing but if you can start leaner it will most likely help all the more.

but most important of all, research, research, research…it is better to read the same response from 50 people who know what they are talking about than to hear it twice, think you know and then just skip off to prep your first pin, even if you delay running a cycle by a few more months in doing so.

Thanks for the tips man I appreciate it. I did some research and found a site that reviews online sources and has the best 5 or something like that. Anaboliczstore was one place that seemed to have great reviews.

Getting everything together before I start sounds like a great peice of advice and I hadn’t really considered how serious that would be. I can’t imagine starting a cycle without a PCT and then end up not being able to find one though, what a nightmare.

Anyway, I’ll keep researching and check out those forums you mentioned. I’m really excited to start as most of you can probably relate to, but in this case it sounds like patients is the key :slight_smile:

People always mention test to be ran as a base, but do you know test by itself is almost as potent as tren? and deca? when used correctly anyways. If you are competing to be a pro then take all compounds you need to get there but if you are just doing this as a lifestyle the best thing to do is stick to test, it is already produced naturally in the body and you wont have any dick problems or serious mental sides after PCT like tren/deca/ and some others… also drop the Anavar that is for kids and women… seriously… unless you are taking 100MG per day (say goodbye to lipids) you wont see any progress, when will people understand the best way to cut is just to diet properly.

What you’re saying about anavar here is very false. People believe this to be true because most anavar out there is fake. Legitimate anavar is extremely potent even at 50mg. I like dbol a lot, but if money didn’t factor in, I’d run anavar instead most of the time.

That being said, totally agree on the test. Not everyone ‘feels’ like I do on test, but I handle higher doses very well, and don’t handle tren well. So I’d rather run a gram of test than 500 test and 500 tren. Just test will usually get me better results.

I hear that sometimes when mentioning Anavar, that it’s for women and doesn’t do anything useful. But there are others who tell me Anavar is great even by itself. I suppose the only way to see is try it out. It’s my first cycle so id definitely like to make it a good one.

I read through some of the threads about blood tests, and after about an hour or so of research it seems that a lot of guys have faith in an Internet site called Is it safe to order things online or do you run the risk of putting something harmful in your body? The threads I was reading through had guys who were getting supps from this website and the blood tests showed that it was indeed working. I’m asking basically if I should worry about getting something harmful, I really don’t want to do that and being so new at this I’m kinda at the mercy of whoever I’m paying.

One other question, is there a difference between all the different types of Test? Is one better than the other for a new guy?