New Lab Results

Hello all,

Age: 22
Weight: 162
Height: 5’10

Just got surgery yesterday for bilateral varicoceles. My total test. a few weeks ago was 340 ng/dl. A few days ago I had my blood drawn at a new urologist and the only results I received online were:

Total Testosterone: 301 ng/dl (normal range 200-1000)
Free Testosterone: 7.99 ng/dl (no range given)
Estradiol: 2 ng/dl (normal range: 0.5-5)
SHBG: 18 nmol/L (normal range: 10-55)

I don’t know why other hormones weren’t tested for like LH, FSH, etc so I emailed my doctor. I know these results probably aren’t enough to be able to tell anything. Can anyone offer their opinion on my results, if any of it is meaningful?

My urologist prescribed me half a pill of clomid a day to try to get my T up. I am supposed to see him in 2 weeks for post surgery followup, where I will also ask him about my testosterone. Do you guys think I should see a new doctor, maybe an endo? I am really lost on what I should be doing. Should I go to the endo and get a thyroid and other tests?

Can’t say much (beyond my own numbers… I’m 51, so adjust accordingly for your age!)

Just finishing surgery is a big deal here… it messes everything up!

  1. My TT is 160 more than yours. Mine sucks, yours is very low for your age.

  2. My Free T is half yours. Mine sucks really bad… can’t imagine yours is good.

  3. E is about the same. No issues here, middle of the road is where it should be… you don’t want it too low.

  4. My SHBG is 71 (with a top of normal range at 71). Your’s looks good, mine sucks terribly and is the cause of my low Free-T number.

I wouldn’t give up on your doc just yet… he’s trying to help (unlike a lot of them) and doesn’t know much about TRT (like just about all of them). Bone up on the information on-line (easy to find good stuff to read, Google Dr. Crisler).

If the doc isn’t willing to learn and work with you, then it will be time to look further.

You will need to get tested on the LH, FSH and the various Thyroid functions. It’s important to hit the right source of the issue… otherwise you’ll plaster the wrong one and get nowhere.

Thank you for your reply Dean. The results of my blood test I posted are from before the surgery. My urologist recommended I get the surgery because of the connection between varicoceles and low T. For some reason I really doubt that varicoceles would cause my T to drop that low.

Is there a chance that I damaged my testicles via some kind of trauma and they aren’t able to produce testosterone anymore? I will be getting more blood work done.

You say that you doubt the varicocles cause your T to drop that low, but we have had many guys on this board with the same issue with Low T…IMO its too frequent to be coincidence…or maybe I’m just seeing something that isnt there.

Thanks for your reply VT. Yes I am really hoping this is all just because of my varicoceles. What I am worried about is, I have no idea how long I have been walking around with them. It could have been years. Wouldn’t this do irreversable damage to my testicles? Do I even have a chance at seeing my levels go back up or is it already too late? This is all I worry about 24/7. Since my surgery was yesterday, my urologist said we would do further testing in two weeks while I take clomid daily. Will update when I have more results.

I can’t answer your questions, but it does no good to worry about it…see what happens, and if it doesn’t turn out as expected, there are other (albeit less convenient) options

Just my opinion I also don’t think the varicoceles are to blame for your low test. With guys having them and getting checked out and then they find varicoceles. I am sure plenty of guys with high test also have varicoceles but they probably have no need to see a doctor as they feel good.

Kind of a shame the doctor did not wait to see if your numbers improve. Surgery was yesterday and already on clomid. If you waited a month or 2 to see if the surgery helped would have been a more definitive answer.

If your test levels go up I would attribute it all to the clomid.

You ask 10 doctors about varicoceles and you will probably get 10 different answers. My urologist seems to think they can effect fertility not so much testosterone levels.

I went on clomid same as you 25mg daily (2months) the results were crazy high testosterone levels with crazy high e2 to boot. I also have a varicocele but not really painful so I let it be.

Thanks iroczinoz, did your level stay high after you stopped taking clomid? Am I going to have to take clomid for the rest of my life? What is bad about having E2 too high?

[quote]foob wrote:
Thanks iroczinoz, did your level stay high after you stopped taking clomid? Am I going to have to take clomid for the rest of my life? What is bad about having E2 too high?[/quote]

Levels stayed elevated for around 2 months after finishing clomid while they slowly declined. They are back to low normal now again.

High e2 not good if you are prone to gyno, fat retention plus it lowers your testosterone as well as other issues.

so have you found the root cause of your low T yet?

Let the docs work all that up. If the testes are damaged, you may have to be on T for the rest of your life (like many of us, for various reasons, lol).

But don’t get out over your skis with worry. You’ve just had a major trauma. That, alone, will break you up badly. Heal, let the docs monitor you and work with them.

In the meantime, learn everything you can about how all that stuff works in your body so you can be ready to prod the doc along and ask smart questions.

[quote]foob wrote:
so have you found the root cause of your low T yet? [/quote]

Never really got a definitive diagnosis. I would be inclined to say Hypothalamus Pituitary interaction issues. Maybe insufficient GnRH seems possible.