New Cycle or Restart?

So I was planning on starting my new cycle consisting of:

Week: 1-12: Test E 250mg
Week: 4-12: Tren Ace 100mg EOD
Week: 8-12: Var 100mg ED
Week: 2-12: adex. 5mg eod
Week: 2-12: hCG 250iU 3x

My previous cycle ended 4 months ago consisting of Sust and Deca. with adex and a proper PCT of Nolva/Clomid (didnā€™t use hCG during or after cycle). I went to go check my levels 4 weeks ago (which I never do because I barely experience any sides.)
Total Test 96 L 250ng-827ng/dL :open_mouth:

I mean Iā€™ve heard of a Deca shutdown but GOD DAMN.

Question here is that I probably fucked up by not using hCG with the Deca cycle, but if I start this cycle and I use hCG, will it do a restart on my natty test production while on cycle? Clarifying that Iā€™m not using monster doses.

Or should I use the old protocol of restarting by going with hCG and Clomid? and then starting the next cycle?

Notes: My libido is perfectly fine, I could get it hard when I need to, my two boys are the same size and Iā€™m still hitting the same weights as before.