Need Help - Gyno

[quote]reesek01 wrote:
I’m currently on my 9 week of test prop at 125 m w f , with eq at 300 on mon 50 on wed and 150 on Friday and 5 mg of anavar everyday. I’m either retaining water on my tits or Gyno. My buddy gave me Letrozol 2.5 per pill. I don’t know anything about letro. Dosage and frequency and how long. Should I start this on week 9 I have 7 weeks left on my cycle .

I’ve also got hcg on hand lots of it. My balls have shrunk a lil. Should I take the hcg or wait till the end of my cycle .should I do both letro and hcg. VERY WORRIEd.[/quote]

well, Letro takes a while to build up to stable blood levels.

your cycle kinda sucks… stacking prop and EQ is an odd choice, as is 5 mg of Anavar a day.

if you want to deal with the gyno and keep the cycle going, then you need an AI to reduce the total estrogen, and you need a SERM to limit the activity at the breast tissue ER. i’d suggest Aromasin and Raloxifene.

if you add in HCG now, then you need to expect additional estrogen aromatization…